Luckiest Girl Ever? Kiehls Advent Calendar

I absolutely love the idea of beauty advent calendars, and every year they seem to be getting better and better. This year however, I seriously lucked out on the advent calendar front! I was so lucky and won the Really Ree twitter giveaway to win a Kiehls advent calendar. I couldn’t quite believe it! It is such a beautiful calendar, so much so that I waited an extra day to open it, just so I could take a photo of it first!

I’ve had several beauty advent calendars in the past and really wanted the lookfantastic or Kiehls one, both of which sold out so quickly so I couldn’t believe it when Ree tweeted me!

I absolutely love the artwork on it, it looks so bright and vibrant on my dressing table.

Would you be interested in a blog post reviewing it after Christmas? Which advent calendar have you got this year?




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