2016 Highlights & Reflections

I really wanted to put together a little post to talk about the highs and lows of 2016!

Getting Married; Let’s be honest. This had to be at the top of the pile. What a year 2016 has been. Myself and Chris celebrated our sixth year together by getting married surrounded by our wonderful family and friends. It really was a perfect day and I could not fault anything about it. The weather even brightened up slightly for us to have our photos! In the new year there will be a series about the wedding which I would love for you to check out!

Celebrating one year in our house; I cannot believe we have been in our house for a year now. I ended up taking three weeks gardening leave earlier in the year and got the back bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen painted which has made it feel so homely. Whilst I’m still a rubbish housewife and hate tidying, washing and ironing, I just love looking around and seeing our home. There is nothing more satisfying that seeing Malc the Dog lying on the sofa relaxing with Chris. It just makes my heart happy!

Barcelona for my Hen Do; When I found out that Chris was going abroad for his stag do, I knew full well that I would be going abroad too. I told my friends and bridesmaids, and a group of 5 of us went off the Barcelona for a long weekend which was so fun! I told the girls that I wanted to know where we were going but that I was happy for them to sort everything else out, as long as I could go to Sephora. It was so much fun as my two sets of friends got on so well and it really was such a wonderful weekend. I cannot thank them enough. I am SO lucky! We wandered the streets and just enjoyed each other’s company and several drinks. It was amazing!

New Job and Promotion; This year I took the plunge and left my job. I had made incredible friends at my company and done a really good job but I was comfortable and to be honest, bored. My boss was very difficult and stuck in his ways; I applied for a couple of jobs internally but got nowhere so I knew that it was time to stretch my wings and go elsewhere. I made a massive decision to make a move and it has paid off. I’ve been wonderfully lucky and met some incredible friends (who I went to Dublin with in this video ) and absolutely love my job. I had been at the newest job around 3 months when I got a massive promotion and it has just shown me that hard work really does pay off.  Yay!

Reflections: This year has had many, many highs and a few lows. Leaving my job early in the year was very difficult; I spent a lot of time thinking and going back and forth but it has paid off in the end! This has seen close friends go through difficult times which has been so sad, but I just want them all to know I love them all and I will always be there for them. Its seen me back incredible new friends online such as (Molly, Nic, Sherry and Anna to name a few..!) but also lose some friends I thought were for life which has been awful. Sometimes your everything isn’t enough and whilst I know I tried my hardest, sometimes that isn’t enough and that is okay. I hope 2017 brings joy and love to those who have entered my life, and also those who have left it. I hope 2017 brings you closure with your issues and happiness beyond words.

2016 has been an incredible year.. Here’s to a new year full of new memories, laughter and love!


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10 thoughts on “2016 Highlights & Reflections

  1. I love this! You were brave to leave your job and start on a new adventure but I’m so glad it’s working out for you! Not many people would’ve done that and would’ve just been unhappy and unsatisfied. And congratulations on your marriage!
    I hope 2017 brings you more love, laughter and adventures!

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  2. Such a lovely round up of the year! Your wedding looked incredible and I’m a little jealous of your Bareceona hen do! Haha! I’m really glad your move into a new job was a sucess, it can be really difficult to move and very scary incase it isn’t what you thought! Hope your having a great year so far!


    1. It was definitely scary, on the first day I just thought what have I done! But it’s definitely made off, my colleagues are amazing and I’ve made some friends for life. I also have a great boss and more opportunities than I would have before! 2016 was great for us both I guess – weddings all round! xxxxx


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