2016 genuinely was one of the best years of my life and I got to do so many incredible things, got a new job and continued to make wonderful friends, not to mention, I finally married my best friend (you can read more about 2016 here) but today I thought I would briefly talk about my plans and wishes for 2017.


  • I want to be kinder to myself. I want to take more time out for myself; be that a trip to the hair dressers, a massage or even just 10 minutes a day sitting doing nothing. I always have my brain going 100 miles an hour whether i’m at work or home so I just need that chill out time.
  • I want to more organised. At work, I am super organised, when it comes to organising events or presents for birthdays, I’m super organised but I live the rest of my life in a kind whirlwind of chaos. I am such an untidy person that I feel like I spend ever day going around clearing up after myself. I’ve purchased a new moleskine for personal and also a monthly planner for youtube and blogging planning!
  • I want to become better at timekeeping. My timekeeping has improved massively since moving out of my family home and getting our own place, but I want to start rising earlier in the mornings so that I actually have enough time to spend 5 minutes just enjoying the morning. It definitely gets easier in the summer as I really struggle with dark winter mornings but I’ve purchased a Lumie light which should hopefully help!
  • I want to start reading again. I love reading and find nothing more satisfying that getting into bed with a good book but ~I have really been slacking over the last year or so. Holidays are my usual time for reading and as we didn’t go on holiday in 2016 I genuinely finished about 3 books. I am going to be setting myself a blog challenge with regards to reading so keep your eyes peeled for that upcoming post!
  • Daily vlogging and blogging. I cannot believe I have been vlogging for a whole year! I really want to keep it up into the new year and hope you will join me on my adventures! I am going to get some kind of schedule together for my videos and get blogging regularly!
  • I really want to make of an effort online, I have set myself a challenge of commenting on at least two videos or blogposts a day and want to be more active on twitter! I spend so much time scrolling, its time I interacted more. I’ve had a big clear out of blogs and twitter accounts I have been following so I can’t wait to find some new and fun people to follow!

That is it for now I think folks… there is so many things I want to achieve this year and can’t wait to see where the year takes me.

Here is to an amazing year…!


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8 thoughts on “2017

  1. I love this post, I definitely need to take some more time for me, and reading more is something that’s on my list too! I can’t believe we are nearly in March already how has this happened!? I love the photo on your calendar, it’s so perfect with Malc in the background!! xxxx


  2. Completely understand the whole being organised at work but not in the rest of your life point! I’m reading this while looking around at my room thinking ‘oh no!’ 🙂
    I’m guessing you don’t usually take public transport, but that’s where I get a big chunk of my reading done, the longer the journey, the better!
    Also, audible! I thought I would hate it but I tried it and actually really enjoyed listening to a few stories, more biographies than fiction but it’s just about finding what you like, I would definitely recommend though. Especially because you can listen and drive or when you get up in the morning, it’s just a really convenient way to get through books.



    1. I have used audible a few times and liked it. When me and chris do road trips we usually listen to a Harry Potter audiobook so think I will do that again! Currently been listening to podcasts which definitely help with driving! 💕💕💕

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  3. Such a great round up of things you want to achieve this year, I found last year when I did my new years resolution post at the beginning I went back to it every few months to mentally evaluate where I was with them and if I was on track and happy with my progress! I am so bad at time management, so I definitely need to work on that as well!


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