Major Empties and Makeup Declutter

I have been on a total tidy and declutter mission for the first couple of weeks of this year so I thought I’d show you my empties along with the things I have chosen to declutter! It is a long one so make sure you have a drink!

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7 thoughts on “Major Empties and Makeup Declutter

  1. I watched this the other week whilst I was writing up my empties at the same time! I love a good empties and declutter, out of laziness last year I saved all mine up from about March to November and ended up with over 200 (never doing that again, they’re always going to be binned monthly and not become a house feature!)
    I think after watching this I should really review all of my makeup and seriously ask what’s really old and should go now.

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    1. I still need a big clear out of the stuff I have left over! Haha yes I know what you mean, I get bags of them πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ chris doesn’t understand why we are keeping empty shampoos! Hahaa! Thanks for watching as always xxxx

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  2. I really enjoyed this video – I’m so nosy, I love snooping at what other people buy, I really need to do a big makeup clear out again. I went through my toiletries recently – I had some from over 10 years ago! I’m such a hoarder!


  3. I love throwing away empties! I am on a huge decluttering ‘use it up’ project as the minute and everything seems to be lasting forever! I find it really therapeutic watching what people have used up, and thinking about all the empty products that can go in the bin and, i love knowing they are not cluttering up the bathroom any more when I throw them away haha!


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