New Year New Hair? | RUSH Hair Nottingham

Rush hair salons keep popping up all over the shop and when I was invited to their launch party, I was so upset that I couldn’t make it. Their lovely PR company however, asked me if I would like to go for a cut and finish to test out the salon and with it being party season, I jumped at the chance.



I went to the Salon the weekend before Christmas, and town was genuinely manic. I don’t really like busy places so when I realised the salon was right off the square in the middle of Nottingham, my heart sank. I was so worried that it would be super busy as it is in such a central location but I needn’t have worried. I was welcomed in by the lovely Craig who ended up being my stylist and he kindly took my coat and scarf. We then went upstairs and I was amazed – it is a really big, spacious and light area and it wasn’t cramped, crowded or stressful. I was offered a drink (even wine is on the menu…!) and my water came served with some popcorn which I think is such a lovely little touch.

We sat down to discuss my hair wishes (just a little trim) and my hair concerns (my limp and lacluste fringe!) and Craig actually sat in the seat next to me which was nice as I’ve never had that in any other salon! My hair was then washed my hair using some glorious products (they smelt amazing!) and I am very pleased to tell you that I got exactly what I asked for – no scissor happy staff at Rush!

Craig blow dried my hair and gave me some pointers on how best to dry my fringe to ensure the best volume possible and I was so happy with result. I will definitely be back; I’m planning to book in for a blow dry next week when I’m in Nottingham again. I’ve never had one before and feel like Rush is the perfect place to be pampered!

I didn’t manage to get a photo of my hair afterwards as I fell over at the ice-skating (Chris pulled me down!!) and it got a bit wet but I can’t thank Rush enough for such a wonderful experience.

To find out where your most local salon is, check out their website here! I also featured my trip in my weekly vlog, so skip to around 12mins for a mosey around the salon itself!


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Whilst the treatment I received was complimentary, all opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to write this post*


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12 thoughts on “New Year New Hair? | RUSH Hair Nottingham

    1. Why? Have you had a bad experience? Someone once cut my fringe all the way back behind my ears!! For me, there’s something so magical and relaxing about a haircut and changing your appearance if you want to! Xx


  1. This looks lovely and it sounds like the staff are so welcoming! Definitely need to try this out! Xxx


  2. I’ve been looking for a hair salon to try and this seems like the place!! Thank you for this recommendation! It looks so lovely 🙂


  3. I went to the Nottingham launch event and thought the place looked lovely. I did feel like a bit of a traitor though as my sister is a hairdresser so I would never really consider going anywhere else. I still would highly recommend RUSH to anyone in Nottingham City Centre or who wanted something a little special.


    1. I’m really suprised they don’t have one in Sheffield yet! Thought they would have popped on in Meadowhall! I love the salon in Nottingham! Can remember watching your snap chat about you going! Your hair is looking beaut at the minute! xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The launch party was so good, and I’m glad you got the trim you asked for, I hate scissor happy hair dressers! I definitely need to book in for a pamper here again, it has been on my list for ages and I keep forgetting so this has definitely jogged my memory! Hope you had a great time ice skating too!


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