Today a first impressions of BeautyPie has gone live on my youtube channel (linked below!) but I wanted to talk a little bit more in depth about the concept and what I think so far..


I have seen Beautypie being mentioned by so many people and whilst I was interested, I wasn’t really buying into it until Chris saw me watching Lily Pebbles’ Vlogmas where she mentioned it, and he said I should give it a try. I got myself a three month subscription (£1o per month, for a minimum of three months) and waited for my activation code.

What is BeautyPie all about? Their tag line with “Make up without the Mark Up”; created by the lady behind the brand Soap & Glory, BP is an online only ‘service’ who claim to cut out the ‘middle man’ and provide you with high end, luxury quality products without the price tag. They state they do not use weighting in their packaging to make it cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

I genuinely didn’t know a great deal about BeautyPie but thought it worked like a standard beauty subscription service – you spend a set amount a month and could chose from their products up to a certain value (such as the lovemebeauty boxes…); oh how wrong I was! What I didn’t realise is that you are actually paying £10 for the PRIVILIDGE of purchasing from their website and buying into their brand.

You get £100 ‘credit’ per month to spend on full priced items and If you do not use your allowance, then it can roll into the following month. Roughly, the £100 works at around 5 items a month. If you were to split the monthly charge between each product, they would increase by £2.00 per item. I was able to pick up 4 items so each of my items increased by £2.50

Each product has a price next to it the “regular price” (a competitive price in the current market place for a cosmetic product of this quality”) and a “members price” which is then broken down for you – e.g. the highlighter is made of costs of £4.28 (product and packaging), £0.17 (warehousing), £0.10 (safety and testing) and then 20% VAT. = total cost of £5.46. I am not quite sure what they are basing their ‘regular price’ for each item on, but I do like the fact that each product has a list of its ingredients next to it – it shows you quite clearly what it is made up of, and each product also has a breakdown of cost. You are able to google these ingredients to see what luxury items are for sale composed of the same materials (the lipsticks are composed of ingredient similar to Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks for example) but I do feel slightly like their advertising is slightly misleading.

The items I purchased:

Highlight – RRP £30.00 / BP price £5.46 + £2.50 monthly fee = £7.96

Triple Beauty Liquid Highlight – RRP £20 / BP price £2.65 + £2.50 monthly fee = £5.15

Lipstick – RRP £20 / BP price £2.30 + £2.50 monthly fee = £4.80

Foundation -RRP £30 / BP price £5.06 + £2.50 monthly fee = £7.56

= £25.47 for one month. I also had a to pay a further £6.48 for shipping, and a ‘payment processor’ charge of £0.39 bringing my monthly total to: £32.34.

When I signed up, I didn’t really realise that there would be a cost of this much, per month! I could sign up to several beauty boxes for this cost, and have them delivered too! From what I have seen online, I think a number of people thought they would be able to buy brands from this site, rather than just the BeautyPie brand, which obviously nobody knows anything about.

I really hope this breakdown helps you make an informed decision on whether you want to subscribe or not – I filmed a video of my first impressions of the products over on my YouTube channel which I would love you to check out.

What do you think? Have you signed up?


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13 thoughts on “BEAUTY PIE – WORTH THE CASH?

  1. I’m obviously not big into makeup but I saw so many people talking about this and I thought that the pricing structure looked really bad actually. Like you say they seem to add on all these charges and the. Still try and market themselves as budget


    1. Exactly, the subscription and posting is £16 a month without even buying the additional products. I’ve saved up two months of credit on my account to use up then I’ll be cancelling xx


  2. The products look good but there are so many extra charges it does end up being a fair amount! And like you said for it to be that expensive and unknown! Xx


  3. I hadn’t heard of this until just reading but it seems as though there are hidden costs involved, even though you do get a full size product and not a tester, like birchbox!
    Hmmm, not sure I want to try it myself but it’s definitely made me aware of it being out on the market as I’m trying to look for another makeup subscription box!


    1. I signed up to it without knowing the costs and it definitely adds up – even the £6 for p&p makes it £16 a month without even buying additional products! I used to get the love me beauty box which is a good one because you can pick the samples! xxx


  4. That sounds really complicated. I really don’t like the idea of having to pay to be able to buy something. It sounds a lot like the Just Fab scheme where they charge you £35 a month but then you can pick something from their website. They do let you skip a month, but if you forget they charge you anyway! I much prefer spending what I want, when I want.


    1. I’ve saved up two months worth of “credit” and it’s going to cost me £29 for the products, on top of the £10, plus £8.50 to ship it! Follow up post upcoming! xxxx


  5. I think this concept sounds so genius and was ready to sign up when I first heard about it, being wise and wanting to do more research I looked around and I have seen a few people say the same. I hate that you think you will just pay the £10, maybe I can forgive up to £5 for shipping as thats pretty much the most I pay on other sites, but for a month to come to over £30 it feels like a lot of hassel to sign up, commit to 3 months, pay the extra charges and then not even no if it will be good when it comes? I think I will stick to well known beauty boxes and make up staples from Boots etc, i think a lot of people will be dissapointed with the site!


    1. Yeah I’m really disappointed, it’s definitely ended up more expensive that I had originally imagined and I won’t be signing up for another 3 months! xx


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