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After six years, my trusty HP laptop – which had seen me through my university dissertation, many hours of youtube (prior to the launch of iPads!) and the start of my youtube and blogging life – has finally given up the ghost. It has finally had to go to its land of retirement, to small space stored by the side of the bed.


I had big plans to buy a MacBook but when it came to it, I simply couldn’t bring myself to fork out over £1300..! What I really wanted was something fast and streamlined, stylish and portable. After six years of a heavy old laptop, I really wanted something I could pop in my bag and travel with!

I decided on the Asus Zenbook after spending ALOT of time on the Currys website. I was able to purchase the actual laptop on Black Friday with a £400 discount plus I was able to buy Currys vouchers through work giving me an additional saving of 8% so in the end I took the plunge and ordered it. You can find the exact model I purchased online here!

First Impressions: When I got the laptop out of the box I couldn’t believe the size of it. It is so slim and sleek. I do think it is very reminiscent of the Apple style but I’m really pleased with it so far – the screen is so glorious and clear! Setting everything up was really simple but I’m currently struggling to get to grips with the mouse / trackpad having had them separate in the past but this will be fine with some more use. Now just to download some editing software for my videos…!

Final impressions: Having now used the laptop for around 6 weeks, I can confirm that it is amazing! Its such a lovely sleek laptop and the keys are really nice to type on (I am so fussy about keypads!), it has a great quality screen (everything is so clear!) and the battery life is excellent. I’ve finally got the hang of the trackpad / mouse sitation. I am so happy that I finally took the plunge and got it. If you are looking for a very portable, fast, sleek and beautiful laptop which is perfect for video editing, photo storage and travel, this is the one for you!


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6 thoughts on “Review | ASUS Zenbook

  1. A great write up, I’d love to go back to a laptop sometimes, I blog/work/shop on a huge PC set up in my office, which while very functional and allows me to do multiple things all at once just doesn’t have the blogger aesthetic or portability of a laptop! A lovely post and perhaps one that has inspired me to find portable ways of blogging, possibly my tablet? xx


    1. I was contemplating a desktop Mac but I just don’t have space to have a desk anywhere and do enjoy the portability of it – it’s great for on the go! You could get a Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet! xxx


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