Haul | An American Sephora Treat

Here is my latest YouTube video showing you what I got!

Chris’ Aunty and Uncle live out in America and when they said they would fly over to attend our wedding, I asked if I could be a little bit cheeky and ask them to bring a couple of Sephora bits back for me, namely because I wanted a new bottle of Elizabeth and James Black Nirvana to wear on the day (It was the perfume I purchased in Las Vegas last November when we got engaged!). This was filmed before the wedding so I’m sorry that I’m talking prewedding!


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7 thoughts on “Haul | An American Sephora Treat

  1. You’re so lucky to have someone who could bring this stuff over for you. There’s so much American stuff I love but it usually costs so much to get it delivered!

    P.S – How the heck did you plan a wedding in 6 months? It took me about 18!!


    1. Haha yeah 6 months 🙈 get it done quick time! Haha. It saved a lot of stress to be honest!
      I’m back in the US in the summer so happy to pick you up some bits! xxxx


      1. Ooh that is the best offer ive had all day 😍 may have to take you up on that one thanks😘💕 xx


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