Today I thought I’d share a little about our relationship story and how we got to where we are now. In 2010 I went to Lincoln University having recently broken up with my 6th form boyfriend and decieded to see where Uni took me and just go with the flow. Little did I know that within weeks I’d be meeting my husband…!

During third day of freshers week I bumped into Chris, both heavily under the influence of alcohol in a club, and a tapped him on the shoulder saying “I know you, I know your brother” – it is true, we did already know each other (know in the loosest form of the word..! I was close friends with his brother at school and thought Chris was a total arse!). The following evening he sent me what I deemed to be the CRINGIEST facebook message in the history of time telling me that I was beautiful and would we like to go out for a drink. I laughed it off (even telling my mum!) Looking back it was actually quite sweet for him to be so forthcoming and off we went to the pub to get a drink and have a chat. I was full of freshers flu and can remember wearing a hat and scarf for the whole thing with a streaming nose and tonsilitus!

A week or two later Chris came to my rescue when I lost all my friends in town, and from that night on we have been inseperable. He spent most nights at our flat with my friends, often collecting me at 3am with a coat and pair of flat shoes after a heavy night. He formed close friendships with my best friends and helped us through some difficult times. He really is a good old egg and I instantly fell in love.

The following summer Chris’ dad died and I tried my utmost to help them all through the tough times ahead. It was a horrible time but I was so glad to be able to help support him to support his brothers and mum. We shared our first holiday together – 7 days in crete, 5 of which were spent fighting over the toilet with us both having acute food poisoning. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I suppose.

September 2011 saw Chris graduate from Lincoln and move back home whilst I moved into a uni house to enjoy my second year. This was a bit of a rocky year for us as Chris definitely struggled to adjust back to day to day life whilst I was out every night and it caused us to have a bit of break for 6 weeks or so. We managed to sort out our dynamic and we were back together and stronger than ever.

In my final year at University I definitely got a lot more homesick and spent weekends travelling back and forth to work, and in March 2013 I got my first proper job, which meant I left Lincoln for the majority of the time and moved back home. I graduated in 2013 and we split our time between my parents house and Chris’ mums house.

In 2014 we embarked on a trip of a lifetime across America spending every waking minute with each other for 4 and a half weeks. Although I already knew it, I think cemented the fact that we were perfect for each other. We have never enjoyed each others company so much and I hold those memories so dearly.

2015 saw us buy our first home, our dog who is my absolute world and get engaged. You can here more about our engagement story next Wednesday. Chris told me that he almost proposed to me in 2014 when we were travelling America but wanted to wait until we had our own home before he did it.

2016 saw us get married and turn our house into a home.

Who knows where 2017 will take us but I’m very excited.

Chris, you’re a pain in my arse but I love you more than words. You are my light on dark days, and are the most selfless person I know. Thank you for filling my world with stupidity, kindness and a love I never thought I’d know.


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  1. Serisouly girl, stop making me cry! This was such a lovely read and some of the little things Chris does for you is just so sweet. You pair are absolute cuties and I couldn’t imagine anyone better suited (other than me and Ben of course :P) Here is to many more happy years!
    Sherry x

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