What better day to tell you all about our proposal story than a day so close to valentines day? For a bit of background info on usp you can see this post all about our relationship.


I am going to forewarn you, Chris is no romantic. He is infact, the least romantic person I know. Whilst he is a very caring person, he definitely doesn’t show much affection. For our first valentines day (6 years ago) he purchased me an electric blanket. This electric blanket has turned out to be the best present I have ever received but it definitely wasn’t the standard gift.

In November 2015 we went to Vegas. We love Vegas having been before in 2014 for Chris’ Birthday. We had just celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 12th and spent Monday 31st November wandering, doing the zipline and eating at the container park. It had been a perfect day. I was snuggling down in bed watching the wrestling, and Chris threw a box at me and told me to ‘try it on for size’. Opening the box was a beautiful single diamond ring (exactly the kind I wanted). I was genuinely just in shock and made him ask me properly. For the remaining 4 days I wandered around LV staring at my hand in disbelief. I was going to be a wife! We wandered round in a bubble and I made him walk about 6 miles to the LV sign to get the perfect photo for my announcement post on IG…! How sad. I love the photo though!

What I didn’t know however, is that my parents were at home BESIDE themselves, waiting for me to facetime them. He had been round to ask their permission (my mum cried instantly and couldn’t give him a yes or no!) and he also took two trips at 50 miles each, to ask my grandparents (both times they weren’t in but its the thought that counts). The fact he did this made my heart sing. He is very traditional with things like this and it meant the world to him that my parents were able to give him their blessing. His mum and brothers both already knew and had already welcomed me into the family with open arms for the last 5 years.

When I came home I was desperate to tell people but wanted to tell people in person and I had to wait TWO days until we had told Chris’ Granny (she was beside herself with excitement) and I told all our friends and family. It was a magical week.

So there you have it.. it wasn’t romantic, but it was our kind of thing.

Are you engaged? How did it happen?


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21 thoughts on “OUR PROPOSAL STORY

  1. That is such a sweet story! Grant proposed at the bottom of the grotty stairwell in in the uni halls building, I saw the bunch of roses and practically dived on him as I was just so excited to see him I didn’t understand he was proposing I thought he just got me flowers lol. I’m so happy for you both and your wedding looked so beautiful! xx


    1. Awh so cute! Where did you go to uni? Chris originally proposed to me about 2 months after we met in a car park after a night out and I said no cause we’d both just been messing around. He told me he’d only ask me once more…! Hehe. Thank you, so did yours! Xx


  2. Ahh what a lovely story, proposals have to suit the couple, not everything has to be by the book – mine kind of was but it was completely unexpected and I had no idea it was coming!
    I’d set Ben a deadline of our ten year anniversary, partially as a joke, but I do think he would have been in trouble if he didn’t do it, and he did it the day before.
    We were in New York and we’d been to a really nice restaurant after having a lovely day wandering the museums, I had cried earlier in the day when Ben had gone to the toilet because I was so overwhelmed and enjoying myself ha!
    We then went up to the top of the Empire State Building, They have two parts one you have to pay extra for, which was where Ben had planned to do it, and when they said it’s an extra $20 per person for another 20 floors up, I was like nahhh it’s okay, Ben kept persisting and eventually I gave in. Then when we got to the top bit which is all enclosed rather than open there was only one other couple up there as it was 11pm, I kept walking away from him as I was snap happy when he was trying to do it, it was also pitch black so he’d had the ring out next to me for ages and he thought I was ignoring the ring trying to be sassy/it was my way of saying no. Eventually he shoved the box in my hand and said will you marry me?
    Said yes (obvs) and then he said do you like the ring, and I just had to say I don’t know because I couldn’t see it ha!
    On the way down the lift operator noticed we’d got engaged and arranged a ‘private lift’ for us to go down without any crowds, was quite lovely!


  3. I love that he just threw the box to you, definitely a surprise! such a fabulous city to do it in too, it will now always hold an even more special place in your heart! xxx

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    1. Hehe thanks Kara, as soon as we got engaged I was like ERM hello, I know where we are going! hehe. My ankles and fingers swell really badly when we fly though so I was trying to style it out so my fingers didn’t look so sausage! haha! xxx


  4. AHHHHHHH LORA!!!!!!! Firstly, I LOVE THAT PHOTO! Secondly, I got a little tear in my eye when I read that Chris drove to your grandparents (twice) to ask them for their blessing! That is super cute 🙂 Loved reading your little story. Very heartwarming for a Friday morning.
    Sherry x

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    1. Yep he went twice but didn’t call them to warn them or my grandma would have rang me to see what he wanted (she never answers the phone then panics if she has a missed call) and would ruin the surprise!

      I love that photo too, it took about 1000 miles walk and several blisters to get it ! xx


  5. Thats almost as romantic as my proposal! I was in hospital and he said he was scared to lose me and that. I told him that it was all up in the air and to ask me again when emotions werent so high. The next morning at home he asked me again and of course I said yes haha


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