Exploring Nottingham With Snizl #Snizl4Notts

I was so lucky last week and got invited to the #Snizl4Notts event – as soon as the email came through, I was sold on ‘freakshakes at Pudding Pantry’!


Snizl is an app which specialises in showcasing offers and deals for independent shops, bars and restaurants in your city. This event was to showcase several different independents in the city of Nottingham, where Snizl has just launched. They also advertise happy hours, competitions and flash deals. Their website says “Snizl was created to give smaller local businesses a louder voice in the digital age” which I think is a really lovely idea. I love supporting small businesses and think it is definitely really important as its someones livelihood and their hard work which goes into their business.


Firstly we went to Pudding Pantry which is a tiny little café in Trinity Square (diagonally across from Turtle Bay!) and we were greeted with the glorious treat of Banana Cake (amazing, best cream cheese frosting ever.. could have eaten 5 of the samples) and a SALTED CARAMEL freakshake, yes, you heard me.. SALTED CARAMEL (a chocolate milkshake covered in whipped cream with a chunk of salted caramel brownie on the top). It really was something else! I can’t wait to take my mum back to PP for a mothers day treat as I think she would love it. The staff were super cute and its really exciting that they are now opening later in the evenings on Thursday through to Saturday nights meaning more time for treats!


We then took a trip down to CaBella (I nearly got hit by a rubbish truck en route whilst I was vlogging!). CaBella is Bridlesmith Gate near Jack Wills and L’occitane and we went for a makeup masterclass with Danica and Jordan. I never even knew CaBella exsisted and it is sucha girly little salon – it even had a jewel encrusted till!

Danica had done half of Jordans face using their makeup technique and talked us trhough the products they use on everyone. Something that I really liked is that they use both highend and drugstore makeup, and also stock products from Milani and LA girl. They also stock the most insane glitters which I will be picking up for a hen do I’m going to next month! They definitely do not specialise in natural makeup but Jordan did look absolutely flawless and the gold glitter really was beautiful. Perfect for a night out! You can book in for makeup masterclasses, LVL lashes and makeovers!


We then walked down to Weaver Wines, an independent wine store who are in their forth generation of business. The building just looked like a house and I was blown away when we went inside – it was very decadent and I loved exploring the wine cellars which were like caves beneath us. I don’t drink wine and was driving so didn’t partake in the samples but everyone sang such high praises of the wine they were tasting. Weavers do wine tasting evenings, and I even saw that they are doing Gin tasting sessions when I was browsing the Snizl app! I definitely think a wine tasting experience would be a great gift for your loved ones and I may have to investigate the Gin one for my mum!


Lastly we walked up to 400 Rabbits. I often used to visit here when it was called Plan B and sold £1 shots! I’ve been peeled off the pavement from outside there more evenings than I would care to admit so I was very intrigued to see what it was like in there since it has been taken over. 400 rabbits is the only tequila and mezcal bar in Nottingham and the staff definitely knew their stuff. I am not a massive fan of tequila but their cocktails looked amazing, and they sell Hooch which is one of my favourite drinks!

I was able to take Molly as my plus one so it was so fun to have my bestie by my side, and be surrounded by so many wonderful companies whose staff were so passionate about their business. We were gifted a little tote bag which says “when you buy from a local business, an actual person does a happy dance” which makes my heart smile whenever I see it. Inside the tote was some leaflets about other businesses in the area, and a beautiful handmade paper rose from Your Forever Petals which I have put in our living room and some Strawberry and Prosecco bonbons from The Treat Kitchen. WE also got a pizza cutter beer opener combo tool which Chris was very pleased with.

Thanks again to all the wonderful businesses and of course Snizl for a great evening!


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10 thoughts on “Exploring Nottingham With Snizl #Snizl4Notts

    1. I don’t think I could set up for the day in there – I’d be too tempted by all the treats and you’d have to roll me back to the train station 😂 xxx


  1. Taking your mum to pudding pantry for mothers day sounds like such a cute idea! It is such a lovely place. The Gin tasting also sounds great, the wine was lovely and its nice to have options to go for tasting evenings as I find it so hard to pick wine, I know nothing about it haha! Such a lovely evening and so nice to see you! x


  2. Great review of the evening Lora! I love that picture you captured of Molly with her camera in the background looking all profesh! Also… HOW DID I MISS THAT JEWELLED TILL! Did you ever go back for the glitter?
    Sherry x

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