Our Wedding Ideas

We are not a fussy couple and knew that we wanted our wedding to be low key and based on our love of the outdoors. When I say the outdoors, I mean I like being in the countryside (in a pub with a coffee looking at the outdoors) and Chris likes to be outside, climbing trees and clay pigeon shooting.

Our theme for the wedding was easy – green (I’d seen a pinterest photo about a year previous and fallen in love with green bridesmaid dresses!). Boys in tweed, girls in green dresses with wooden, lace and cardboard accents on everything. We also knew when we wanted to get married straight away; our 6 year anniversary was 5th November and we both love autumn/winter so wanted it to be around then, just when the leaves were starting to turn. We didn’t book the wedding until the end of April which meant one thing.. We had around 6 weeks to book and plan a whole wedding!

The Venue that we fell in love with had availability for November 12th 2016 so we took that date and ran with it. I’ll talk a bit more about finding our perfect venue next week but we fell in love instantly!

I created pinterest boards showcasing my ideas and took them to Chris, who basically said nothing (only piping up when he really hated my suggestions!) We wanted our wedding to be very simple, and for fun for our family and friends. We didn’t want speeches that went on for hours nor a long winded meal. We wanted two courses of hearty food followed by a evening of dancing with a photo booth for fun. Table decorations were to be wooden slices decorated with jam jars filled with flowers and sprinkled heart cut outs from books. we wanted something understated, but that still fitted the whole ‘theme’.

 I wanted everywhere to be decked with hessian bunting and fairy lights so it twinkled and sparkled and I think it worked really well. I was really happy with how it all turned out and can’t wait to show you it all..!
If you are planning your wedding – what did you have? Did you have a ‘theme’?

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18 thoughts on “Our Wedding Ideas

  1. I love the simple-ness of this is what we like and this is what we did. I think it’s crazy that it only took you 6 weeks! I’ve got a couple of friends getting married, ones in planning for a year and a half and the other so much longer but actually I love that you chose to do that!
    I’ve never thought about green for a wedding before but from what I’ve seen so far, it all looked so beautiful!



  2. Our theme is Purple and Teal, with flowers going to be everywhere with a very rustic vibe thanks to the converted barn we’re having it in which I’m trying to roll with as much as possible. Luckily it’s already covered in Fairy lights all over the beams otherwise I’d be putting them everywhere!

    Sometimes I just have to say something ridiculous to get a reaction out of Ben otherwise I don’t know what he’s thinking, he does have an opinion half the time he just doesn’t pipe up, and most of the time I like his ideas so I want to hear them!


    1. Haha yeah I’m a guest (and bridesmaid!) a couple of times this year and really looking forward to the wedding fun but without the stress! I saw one photo and it instantly shaped my wedding ideas from grey to green! xxxx 💕💕

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