BEAUTY | Drugstore Hauling 

I want to apologise firstly for the photos! They definitely aren’t perfect but I was just getting the hang of my new camera and haven’t been able to take anymore. The other day I went shopping with my bestie and treated myself to some goodies!
L’oreal Lip Paints in Red Actually (matte red) and Pink Lady (laquer): I was instantly intrigued by these and had to pick up two colours. I have tried Pink Lady and the colour reflects that in the tube beautifully. I absolutely love the formula – its got a shine to it, without being overly glossy and lasts well on the lips. I have a hen-do next weekend and I will be trying out the red shade then – brave or stupid, you tell me! I feel like L’oreal are really stepping up their game at the minute and I’ve been so impressed with their current releases.  L’oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation: I don’t often wear really heavy foundation but this really impressed me with the claims on the advert, and like a little sucker, I was pulled right in. I opted for their lightest shade in the range after swatching and cannot wait to try this! L’oreal blending sponge:  This was a free gift when you bought three items. I am yet to try it but will report back (I haven’t seen great things currently so can’t say I’m in a rush to try it!)
MUA eye shadow palette in Rusted Wonders: This palette is bloody beautiful. The shades are gorgeous and swatched on the fingertips, they are so beautifully pigmented. However, they are really difficult to transfer onto the lids. I think they will be really good for foiling with a setting spray and packing onto the lid. Hoping to get a makeup tutorial up with this soon for you all! NYX Blotting Sheets: I never really bought into the idea of blotting sheets until recently. I got a packet of the DHC blotting sheets in a beautybox last year and found them great for blotting any oil during the day – especially at work. I work in an air conditioned office which seems to make my face SO greasy, so I snapped up some sheets from NYX for my office drawers. The Wet Brush: This brush is a life changer. I actually spoke about it in my February Favourites. I have several of their standard brushes and managed to snag a fold up brush for my handbag for a measley £1.50 (reduced from £14!) Since then I scoured every Boots store in the nearest vicinity and got another three, albeit for £3.50 each. If you see these around I highly recommend picking one up. This brush glides through my damaged hair, wet or dry, removing any knots with ease.
What have you recently picked up?

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15 thoughts on “BEAUTY | Drugstore Hauling 

  1. I would love to see what you think a bout the Loreal liquid lipsticks I was tempted to get these! I’m intrigued as to your thoughts on the foundation as well as you know mine already…! That palette is so beautiful but a shame that it didn’t apply too well. I absolutely love wet brushes they are the dream for my knotty curly hair!! great haul xxx


  2. The colours in that palette are b-e-a-utiful! Might have to give that a cheeky purchase next time I’m in town. I too succumbed to the Wet Brush and its the best thing I’ve done so far this year! It amazing! Also, if it was the red lip you were sporting on your Insta – you slayed it!
    Sherry x


    1. Thank you my love! That was a different one 🙈 I decided to stick with a trusty favourite in the end, just in case of lipstick disaster! The wet brush really is amazing! X


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