LIFESTYLE | Columbia Road Flower Market 

Last weekend we went down to London to stop with my old housemate and her boyfriend. We had tickets for Country to Country and decided to make the most of it. On the Sunday we took a little trip to Columbia Road Flower Market and I tried to get some snaps of all the glorious flowers on offer. It was absolutely rammed and I found the whole thing quite stressful as people were pushing past us constantly, but the area itself is so nice!
I’d definitely recommend taking a morning out to visit, maybe get a coffee and have a wander. There was also a couple of excellent buskers who didn’t have any cards so I can’t link them but they were great!

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13 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE | Columbia Road Flower Market 

  1. This looks lovely, I love little cute niche areas of London there is always so much to explore xxx


  2. This looks like such a lovely place. It’s a shame it was so busy. I find situations like that quite suffocating so would probably get quite frazzled!


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