LIFESTYLE | Was Beauty and the Beast worth the hype?

I have never really done a film review but with all the hype going on about B&TB I thought it was time to put in my two pence. I loved the original animated version as a child and was both excited but apprehensive about a live action remake. I think this stemmed from the remake of Cinderella, which I felt fell short of my expectations. Also, as a huge Harry Potter fan, I was concerned that Emma Watson would still be bound by my ideas of her as Hermione. 
Thankfully, I needn’t have worried. Emma Watson plays a radiant and fabulous Belle. I genuinely feel like they cast her incredibly well. She has a wonderful singing voice and I think she played the part with such ease. It felt like she was created for the role. The imagery and CGI used is incredible, and I shed a tear throughout. With regards to the ‘animated’ characters, I really felt like Lumiere (Ewan McGregor) stole the show. Nathan Mack who is the voice of Chip was also perfectly cast, his little voice perfect for the role. 
Where Cinderella seemed to shy away from the singing, B&TB was perfect, incorporating old classic songs from my childhood with new and fresh visuals. Be Our Guest was such a standout for me, and I loved the way it was portrayed. I could not stop smiling throughout – it had a feel of old school Hollywood glamour which I feel was a nice contract to the rest of the film.
I’ve been recommending this film to everyone I know and really would suggest that you go and see it. I really felt like my childhood was relived whilst I was sat there in the Cinema and by the time this post goes live I will have seen it for the second time with my mum. I left the cinema feeling deflated, but only because it was finished. I also had a tear in my eye, and a very happy heart.
Have you been? What was your opinion?

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15 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE | Was Beauty and the Beast worth the hype?

    1. I cried loads at the end, I don’t know why I just had a moment of panic thinking oh god what if they have changed the story and they all stay as pots and pans forever 😂 xx


  1. I bloody loved this film it was so magical I was smiling all the way through too! I can’t stop listening to be my guest Ewan McGregor was just perfect! loved it xxx


  2. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it again and again. I didn’t think it was flawless, but it certainly will go on my favourite Disney films list. I’m currently trying to write my own review but it’s hard to figure out what exactly I want to say!


  3. I’ve still not seen it. I think i’ts more that I didn’t get excited about it from the offset and there was a little too much hype – like I felt it was being released for years before it actually graced the cinema screens. I’ll see it eventually and will watch with an open mind as I too feel like it could never be as good as the original Disney classic.
    Sherry x


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