Exploring Kiehls with #Kiehlsonwheels and Highcross Leicester

If you ever ask me for a skincare recommendation, I will always rave about the Avocado eyecream from Kiehls – it is my holy grail product and there was almost tears when I thought I had lost it following a hen party last month (thankfully it was just hiding in my suitcase!). Currently my closest shop is over at Nottingham and I like to make a conscious effort to pop in when I’m in town to see what is offer.


On the 13th April however, a new stand opened in Debenhams in the Leicester Highcross and as a little celebration, I was invited down to see the “Kiehls on Wheels” bus and also explore the new concession. We all met in St Peters Sqaure where were welcomed by some gorgeous passionfruit  drinks c/o the guys over at Turtle Bay and a goodie bag stuffed with sample packets on each of our chairs. The lovely Hannah and Saff  introduced themselves and we all started having a chat about their best selling products and how best to use them. We got to try all the products – the backs of my hands have never been so soft. It definitely encouraged me to get home and give myself a full skincare treat.

Kiehls has been running for 166 years and started as a small New York store. They still pride themselves on their natural formulas and d were the first company to start selling mens skincare back in the 1960s.


We talked through so many products so I thought I’d just talk about the products that intrigued me the most. Firstly we talked about the Cantella Skin Calming Cleanser which is a really balmy textured cleanser which is alcohol free and removes all impurities I typically opt for a solid balm but think I will try this once I finish my current cleanser. I really like that it had no scent and is safe for around the eyes. The Midnight Recovery Oil is probably their most cult product selling a bottle every 10 seconds. I have this myself and really like it for before bed. I’ve got an upcoming skincare post so don’t want to talk about it too much but it’s a goodun!

One of the newest products that have been launched is the Pure Vitality Renewing Cream which is made with ginseng root and manuka honey. It has a very strange texture, almost gloopy which melts upon the skin. I described this as smelling ‘like sunshine’ and I am desperate to get my hands on it. Its £49.00 for 50ml so it might have to be a birthday treat! There were two more products we discussed that I am now desperate to get my hands on  – one of which was the Micro Blur Skin Perfector which diminishes the appearance of pores (and has a lasting effect on them following prolonged use). This is such a smoothing product and reminded me slightly of the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which is a dressing table staple for me. The second item was Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate which was the smoothest serum I have ever tried. I am very conscious of the lines around my mouth and this made my haggered hands look smooth and soft which instantly made me want to slather it all over my face! This is priced at £41.00 but I really think this would work well with my skin.


We then all wandered up to the concession in Debenhams where we could see the full range of stock. Its next to MAC in the Highcross store and you are able to book in for a completely free skin consultation which I am hoping to do before I buy the above products. I loved looking round and just enjoy the Kiehls aesthetic, I love the apothecary feel of the stores and their products.

I had such a fun evening and can’t thank the girls enough for inviting me along. I also got the meet some new and old internet friends again which of course was wonderful!


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6 thoughts on “Exploring Kiehls with #Kiehlsonwheels and Highcross Leicester

  1. what a fab write up of the event! I loved it I learnt so many new skincare tips! I really want to try the micro blur as well, it is definitely on my buy list. fab photos too xxxx


  2. Sounds super cool, I love the fact it is out in the open on wheels! I absolutely love this brand and regularly use their products. I hope you find the one for you, you will never look back!
    Sherry x


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