25th Birthday Wishlist


25th Birthday Wishlist
I love my birthday – mainly because I love having a reason to treat myself. this year I am going to be 25 – to me, this feels like quite a big milestone. A quarter of a century! I always thought I would be nervous to turn 25 but I’m feeling happy and looking forward to where the year takes me. The last few years have seen so many big things happen to me – I graduated, we bought a house, we got Malc The Dog, got married!
This year I am DESPERATE to get my hands on a Mulberry Lily. This is an item I have been saving for up for a while. My mum and I are actually going to Cheshire Oaks on my birthday so I’m praying that they have them in stock. If not, then we will be taking a trip elsewhere to pick one up. I have a Mulberry Bayswater which I absolutely adore – it is a gorgeous slate grey and it is so beautiful. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a strap – it is so heavy even when it is empty! I would like the Lily as it’ll be perfect for wearing cross body and the oak shade is so wearable.
Back in March I went to Selfridges in Birmingham, all ready to treat myself to a lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury – the staff were so horrible however and completely ignored me so I left the counter empty handed. I would love to try the Lip Cheat pencil in Pillow Talk and the matte revolution lipstick in Love Liberty. I am also desperate to get my hands on an Anastasia Glow Kit – I’m so obssessed with highlight at the minute. I think I will treat myself to this when we get to America in June.
Converse are a staple item in my wardrobe and I would love a new pair – my current ones are like a pair of dead dogs and have split down the side. I’d love a new pair of white ones ready for my holiday next month.
I have been lusting after a Monica Vinader bracelet for months. I would love to get one but feel like they aren’t the kind of gift you get yourself. My friend has one and they are lovely in real life too. I think I’d opt for grey or green if I was to pick. My Mother-In-Law got an Olivia Burton watch for Christmas and now I’m desperate for one too. I think I’d opt for a grey or a brown as they would be really easy to wear. I think the one in the photo is gorgeous!
What I would like post of all however is some sunshine. Each year I have a ‘birthday tea’ – normally at my parents hous with all my family and the dogs so fingers crossed we have a dry day so we can drag the BBQ out!
Is there anything else you think I should treat myself to?

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5 thoughts on “25th Birthday Wishlist

  1. Ooh I can’t wait to see what you get!! I love my Olivia burton watch but be warned, the straps wear terribly! If you can get a metal one or something more robust then definitely do! I went to swatch the glow kit in Sephora but it had smashed and went all over the floor so I scarpered! I was so disappointed!! Xxx


    1. Oh that’s so annoying!! I would have scarpered too though, just in case they thought it was me! That’s so annoying, especially as they aren’t cheap watches! I love the simplicity so maybe I’ll have a look at different brands in a simiar style! xxx

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  2. You’re 25! God, I’m old! I also really want to buy my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, mainly for the packaging. I can’t wait to see what you finally do get for your birthday.


  3. I want everything on this list! welcome to the half way to 50 club 😉 hope you got everything you wanted! xxx


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