CaBella Glitter Masterclass

You may have seen my post all about the #Snizl4Notts event where a group of us went to CaBella in Nottingham. I was very intrigued at the time about their makeovers – they specialise in very different makeup to what I would normally wear and all the girls there love glitter. After the event, my blogging bestie Molly got invited to a ‘Glitter Masterclass’ at Cabella and when she asked if I wanted to be her plus one I couldn’t turn the opportunity down.

cabella glitter masterclass 1a (2)cabella glitter masterclass 1a (3)casbella glitter 1cabella glitter 2cabella glitter masterclass 1a (1)
Last month myself and Molly went along to the event and met with Rebecca from Rebecca Jayne and her lovely sister. CaBella is on Bridlesmith Gate opposite the white rabbit tea room. It was an intimate class with the four of us, plus four girls from CaBella. Danika, Jordan, Nicki (Jordans Mum) and Charlie ran the masterclass. Jordan did a more ‘natural’ look on Nicki, whilst Danika upped the drama on a heavier eye look on Charlie.
CaBella use the same technique on all their clients so it was really interesting to see how they adapt this technique dependant on the kind of look their clients are looking for. They stock a number of american products such as Milana and LA Girl and use these on their clients. They also stock a number of brush sets which they use on their clients too. I love that they have their own ‘technique’ – using tape to mask out a guideline for their shadows starting neutral and getting slowly smokier. They use the same technique regardless of if they are doing a pink eye look or a brown. I really like how they have taken the time to hone their skills and make it work perfectly for them and their clients.
After the girls had talked us through the technique, it was time for us to try ourselves. I don’t step out of the box very often when it comes to my makeup looks (especially with eye makeup) and think this is mainly because of my hair. I typically have quite red hair which is sometimes puts me off experimenting with different colours. Currently however I’ve got orange hair and the girls suggested that the colour ‘Ginger Spice’ would pop against my hair. As this was the perfect opportunity to try something new, I did this and loved how it looked. We used the Morphe 35o palette as a base then packed on the glitter shadow with a one of their brushes from their CaBella Brush set (£20 for 12 brushes!)
Cabella natural eyes glitter masteclassCabella natural glitter eyes masterclasscabella dramatic glitter masterclasscabella glitter masterclass dramatic lookcabella glcittereyes swatches
Myself and Molly opted for the more ‘dramatic’ look and used tape to ensure a super crisp winged out look. This was slightly too sharp for me, so when I got home I blended the edges slightly and felt it suited my face shape much more. I absolutely loved the finished look and really did thin the orange complimented my hair perfectly. They were out of stock on the glitter I wanted to buy but will be back in a couple of weeks to pick it up – they have such a vast shade range that I could genuinely have purchased them all.
cabella glitter masterclass molly loracabellaCaBella Glittereyes masterclassCaBella Glitter MasterclassCaBella Glitter MAsterclass 2
I had an absolute blast at the masterclass and loved the atmosphere the girls bring to the salon. They are like a family – Danika went to college with Jordans sister, then Jordan went to work there, and now they have Charlie working there who is Jordans step sister. You can tell they all have a lot of fun there and it really was a lovely day. The masterclass is £20 per person which includes a glass of fizz each. It would be a great activity for a hen do or perfect for before a night out.
Next time I’m going out I will definitely be trying out the CaBella technique and can’t thank the girls enough for the opportunity to try their masterclass. It has left me excited to be more adventurous with my makeup looks. Also big thanks to Molly for letting me be her plus one! You can find Cabella directly on their website or via social media.

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Whilst we were invited to the masterclass for free, all opinions are my own**

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4 thoughts on “CaBella Glitter Masterclass

  1. those eyes look GORGEOUS on you! they would be so fab for a night out! this would be a great event for a girly birthday treat ort something. I love it in cabella its so girly and pretty xxxx


  2. I definitely agree that the orange shade really suits you, although I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try it on myself. I do love glitter though, so I’d love the chance to stick some sparkle on my face. This looks like a great way to spend time with friends and learn some tips!


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