American Beauty Wishlist


American Beauty Wishlist

In one months time we will be en route to Florida, to start our honeymoon. To say that I am excited would be an understatement, and I’m desperate to get myself to Sephora, Walmart and Ulta.

Last time I went to America I dropped some serious dollar in Sephora and this time round I want to be a little bit more restrained – so many brands are coming to the UK that I don’t feel like I’ll need to bulk purchase as much as normal, but you can be sure that there will still be some spendy days ahead!

Firstly I am desperate to get my hands on the Butter Bronzer from Physicans formula, I’ve heard so many good things about it and just think it will fill a perfect bronzer shaped hole in my collection. I am hoping to pick this up at the beginning of the trip so I can buy a back up if I love it.

In my American Sephora Haul video (which you can watch here!) I picked up some of the Bite holiday sets which had their amuse bouche lipsticks in which are incredible. The formula is second to none and I want to pick up a couple of full sizes for my collection.

Wet and Wild are such an incredible drugstore brand and whilst I have a couple fo their palettes already, I’m hoping to pick up any new releases they may have. I am hoping to pick up a couple for a giveaway too once I reach a blog milestone I’m working towards! If they have some of their highlighters I’ll pick some of those up too!

L’oreal Pro Glow has been so raved about online that I’m so desperate to get my hands on it, I also think this will be perfect for my holiday makeup so I’m hoping to pick this up early in the holiday to make sure I have my pre-tan colour..,!

I have a couple of Tarte blushes in my collection already and I reach for those 90% of the time. I’m looking to buy a couple of shades to fill out the holes in my collection so I can throw / rehome any of my other blushes. The formula is second to none and they last so well on my skin.

Viseart is a well recognised brand but it is so expensive so this little palette is only $30 and looks like the perfect way to test out the brand without dropping some serious pennies on the bigger palettes.

I know you can get Kat Von D in England now but I don’t really like buying my makeup online unless I’m repurchasing something so I really want to try some of her shadows. I already love her lipsticks and liquid lipstick formulas and I’ve heard great things about her palettes.

Is there anything that you think I need to pick up? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated and you can be sure of some upcoming hauls!


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2 thoughts on “American Beauty Wishlist

  1. There is something so exciting about shopping in other countries, especially in America. It’s so much fun picking up things you can’t get in England. Although, I do tend to go for food rather than makeup! Can’t wait to see what you bring home.


  2. ahh this sounds like a fab wishlist!! I really want to try the physicians formula butter bronzer it looks gorgeous! the Sephora own brand stuff is lovely xxx


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