HAIR | Going Blonder with Olaplex

I love changing my hair colour and find that it gives me such a new lease of life. When we got engaged in November 2015 I swore myself off bleach for the year until our wedding to ensure that my hair was in the best condition it could be for our day. Roll on January 2017 and I was desperate to change from the red I’d worn for so long, so dyed my hair purple using a box dye. This didn’t last long before fading and after a really bad day at work in March, I decided to pop some bleach on my hair and lighten it to an orange shade.

Roll on to April when I was going to be a bridesmaid for my best friend and knew I needed professional help to get my hair looking top notch again. I wanted a change, a slightly lower maintenance hair colour as we would be spending a lot of the summer away on holiday or making weekend visits around the country. I decided on an ombre colour, and booked into my favorite hairdressers. Arena Hair in Hucknall is owned by Martin who has been cutting my hair since I was a child and I knew I trusted Carla at the salon to change me from drab to fab.
We sat down and discussed what I wanted and talked through my options; with there being so much colour build up in my hair, there was no way we could lift it to super blonde in one sitting with compromising the condition of my hair (which is surprisingly good despite years of colouring!). We decided on a dark chestnut brown at the roots into a coppery blond at the ends. I ended up having two ladies helping do my hair as I have so much hair, and we weaved some brown throughout the lengths to break up the blonde slightly.
Carla talking about adding Olaplex to my colour and bleach to help maintain the condition through the process and I’m so glad that I took her suggestion! Olaplex is a three step treatment which is mixed into colour and bleach to reduce the damage caused to hair – I had heard lots of people online so decided to give it a try myself. It works at molecular level within the hair to mend broken bonds within the hair itself which means stronger and shinier hair. It is used by so many celebrity hairdressers on their clients and the reviews online are amazing.


Here are my before and after photos – I am so happy with the colour transformation and especially impressed with how the Olaplex has helped maintain the softness and shine in my hair.
It was a long old day being in the salon for almost five hours but it was definitely worth it! I am going to pick up a bottle of the stage 3 Olaplex for using at home and can’t wait to see how it helps preserve my hair condition over time. Next time I go we are going to lift the hair colour again slightly, opting for a slightly lighter blond for our honeymoon!
Massive thanks to the wonderful Carla at Arena as always!

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One thought on “HAIR | Going Blonder with Olaplex

  1. wow the finished result looks lush! the perfect ombre style look! I’ve never heard of opalex before it sounds like a great option for blondes with hair prone to breakage! xxx


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