The Best Thing About Blogging

I started my original blog back in 2013 when I was in my third year of university. I was surrounded by a house full of amazing girls and people I am lucky to still class as my closest friends – so much so that I had them all as bridesmaids at our wedding!  I was in a strange place however and found the #bbloggers twitter chats and the blogosphere as an escape from university life. I started my blog and absolutely loved it, but things fell to the back burner when I started a full time job post graduation and saw myself climbing that ladder instead.

best bloggers
Whilst my blogging had stopped, I kept up my blogging twitter instead of a personal one and loved the community. Things can be quite tense and there always seems to be a drama but I’m lucky to have made some wonderful friends from it. Since restarting my blog and beginning my youtube channel, I’ve found myself in the midst of my very own #blogsquad! I love having blogger friends as we ‘get’ each other – not eating dinner before taking an IG, boomeranging any cocktails etc etc.
Today I thought I’d share a little post about my closest blogger friends and why I love them and their blogs.
Molly: Myself and Molly instantly bonded over two things – bold lipstick and the love for our dogs. Molly is funny, kind and hard working. I love her blog (The Rose Beauty Files) almost as much as I love her, where she shares all things beauty and lifestyle. We often walk our dogs together with our better halves and they’ve got a little bromance going on too. I feel very lucky to have this absolute queen in both my online and ‘real’ life and really recommend you check her blog too.
Sherry – This lady always makes me laugh – she (along with Molly) definitely wears the GIF queen crown and could win anyone over with her personality. Her blog is beautifully written and reflects her personality completely. Sherry is getting married next year and her Wedding Wednesday posts are becoming the highlight of my month, I know it will be the most perfect day and I’m loving seeing what she is planning! She blogs over at Sherry Scribbles and I really think you should give her a read.
Rachael – I fell in love with Rachaels blog (Helpless Whilst Drying) when Molly introduced me to her via this post about the Beauty Bay Carnival. Rachael blogs all things beauty and my wishlist is as long as my arm by the time I click out of her blog. Not only is she hilarious, she is kind hearted and would do anything to help you. She is getting married very soon too and her posts about her day make my heart happy for her, but sad that my special day is over too!
Sophie – Where to even start? Sophie from  Sophie in Wonderland has quickly become not only one of my favourite bloggers, but favourite people. Not only is she hilarious but she is kind hearted and thoughtful, blogging all things beauty and lifestyle over on her page -I love how she always provides a well thought out and well rounded review of products. If you are looking for a gem of a blogger, she’s your girl!
Kara – Many moons ago I met Kara at an event, and when my camera packed in, I asked her if I could use a couple of her images on my own blog post. She graciously let me have some of her fabulous photos and I’ve been hooked on her blog ever since. Kara writes in such an eloquent way which honestly draws me into every post. She could probably write about toilet roll and her photos to accompany the post would blow your mind. She is such a kind lady, with a heart of gold. She is also a great mum to her little girl and I genuinely believe her blog to be one of the best out there! Make sure you check her out at Spread The Sparkle.
The following three girls are girls that I don’t feel I know as well as the above girls but wanted to give them all a shout-out for being such a lovely ladies. I’ve only met Stacey once but she was everything I had hoped! Not only is she a mum to two beautiful girls, she is also a thespian with a lover of all things Chatsworth, and you can find her performing on the regular. Stacey blogs over at A Mess in A Dress. Ellie is the queen of kitsch and retro. Every time I have seen Ellie, she has not only been the kindest girl, but she’s always absolutely immaculately bedecked in incredible vintage wear. This gorgeous girl could do a victory roll in her sleep and you can find her at EllieCreation. Sarah blogs over at Entirely Sarah and has really stepped up her blogging game this year and if you want very in depth reviews, this is your lady! She’s a very sweet girl with a love of all things beauty (and sparkly shoes!).
Thank you for being the best thing about getting back into blogging girls!

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5 thoughts on “The Best Thing About Blogging

  1. LORA!!! why are you so cute?!!?! this is the most beautiful post you are an absolute babe!!!! I love you all and I am so glad I have found some fabulous friends through blogging!! your comment that Kara could write about toilet roll and it would be great made me laugh it is so true!! you are a darling for writing this post and I love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Aww you are just absolutely the sweetest person ever! I’m so grateful to have been initiated into this fabulous bunch of ladies and I hope to get to know you all much, much better in the future!


    Love always,
    Stacey – aka the shifty redhead 😉


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