Our Honeymoon Plans…

When we got married last November, we knew we wanted to wait until this summer to go on our honeymoon which would give us plenty of time to save for a holiday of a lifetime. We’ve  booked return flights from London to Florida so now we need to get planning!

honeymoon feature photo
We have booked flights to Florida, planning a couple of days at Universal, enjoying all that Harry Potter World has to offer before grabbing our hire car and heading across the country. We then have 18 days before we have to be in Dallas, Texas to get on our internal flight to Las Vegas. This will be the third time we will have visited Vegas and we are looking forward to finishing our honeymoon in the same place we got engaged. It’ll be a busy few weeks so it’ll be nice to relax by the pool with a (overpriced) cocktail in hand.
In the meantime we’re hoping to travel just shy of 2,000 miles crossing places off our bucket list on the way including Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston and Dallas. We absolutely love the states and often toy with the idea of packing our bags and moving there.
If you have ever visited any of these places or having any recommendations, please let me know. I can’t wait to get exploring but will miss the dog so much. He’d love to drive across the country with the roof down and his chops flying around, I’m sure of it.
I’m also planning on daily vlogging whilst we are there, and writing posts about our favourite places, best meals etc so keep your eyes peeled for that into July.

I’d absolutely love some advice and suggestions if you have any. I’m going to be absolutely hammering youtube for recommendations over the next couple of weeks, I know that!


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