My First Experience of Hot Pod Yoga


I am more of a sofa surfer than an a hot pod yogi, but when Molly asked me if I wanted to attend a blogger Hot Pod Yoga session she was organising, I thought it was the perfect time to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.
I wandered down to the studio in central Nottingham last weekend, really not knowing what to expect. The studio itself is very large, bright and very clean. As I opened the door however, I was greeted by a gigantic inflatable pod. As the name might suggest, this is where you actually do the yoga, but it looked like a big black inflatable igloo!



DSC01574There was a few bloggers I already knew and a few others I didn’t and we all got into the pod, finding ourselves a mat and settling down to listen to our instructor Sarah. Sarah talked us through the pod itself (heated to 70% humidity at 37 degrees!) and the class we were about to take. She explained about taking the yoga at your own pace, not pushing yourself into something that is uncomfortable but stretching to where felt good for your own.

We started off with some basic moves, building them up into a sequence. Sarah also offered several different options for each movement to ensure we were all catered for. I struggle with a bad back but really felt like the stretching was doing me the world of good, and the heat was definitely helping. I’m not going to lie, I have never sweated like I sweated during that session and I had made a school girl error of wearing cotton clothing which was clinging to my sweaty body!
When we were told the session was over I couldn’t believe a whole hour had passed – I was originally quite apprehensive that the heat in the pod would make me feel a little funny, but I found myself feeling very energised after completing the class. We all cleaned down our mats and headed out of the pod.
We continued to chat with Sarah whilst drinking a gorgeous raw juice from Nottinghams newest juice bar – Wholesome Juicery. I haven’t really explored the world of raw juicing (the idea of a green drink really makes me feel funny!) but thoroughly enjoyed it and it helped quench a thirst I didn’t realise I had following the class!
Some of the group headed straight off, dashing off to enjoy the rest of their afternoon whilst a few of us utilised the showers at the studio (really great facilites!). We then headed out for a light lunch (and a spot of ice cream!) over a natter. It really was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!
Overall, HPY really isn’t an activity that I would have actively booked myself on but I’m really pleased I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a try. A class is typically £10 per time which is quite pricey, but there were some really good offers on which reduced the cost per session down significantly. There is hopefully going to be a class starting up in Leicester which I am very interested in trying as Nottingham is a bit of a mission for me to get to regularly after work so would be a good one for me to try mid week.
Notes to anyone trying a class for the first time – don’t try and pack jeans for afterwards, its so warm that they’re near on impossible to put on! also try and wear ‘technical’ fabrics which wick away sweat rather than cotton which simply draws it all in!
A massive thank you to Sarah at Hot Pod Yoga for having us and to lovely Molly for organising! I loved trying something new!

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