My First Charlotte Tilbury Purchase

I am a big lover of lipstick, bright or nude, I don’t go a day without wearing it. I’m not a lipstick snob by any stretch of the imagination with my $5 colorpop lipsticks and the Maybelline matte formula being some of my favourites, but also rather a large MAC lipstick collection in my possession too. Charlotte Tilbury has been blowing up the bloggersphere for what feels like a lifetime now and I’ve been desperately lusting after her products but as we do not have a counter anywhere near us, I’ve been lusting without purchase.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk

I went to Birmingham for a hen do a couple of months back and swatched a number of lipsticks from the range, but when the staff simply ignored me, I replaced the samples and walked away, saddened by their service. Last week for my birthday however, I went into House of Fraser at Meadowhall where there was a huge stand and a very friendly sales assistant. I swatched a number of lipsticks with Love Liberty lipstick and Pillow Talk lipliner taking my fancy.

I received a John Lewis voucher for my birthday however so decided I would leave HoF empty handed by place an order online instead. I firstly consulted my blogging besties (you can read about them here!) the majority of which confirmed that yes I needed to take the plunge and make a purchse. Rachael however suggested that I may not be a massive fan of the matte formula as she knows I didn’t get on massively well with the Beautypie Matte Lipstick (which is meant to be a dupe for the CT lipsticks!) as I found they didn’t last on me well at all.

Curiosity got the better of me however so, informed decision in hand, I made a purchase of the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk, thinking that if the formula didn’t last well on me, it was a nude colour so wouldn’t be such a big problem

I used the click and collect service at John Lewis, collecting from my local Waitrose – dashing straight home to photograph the lipstick before sundown. First impressions where that the packaging was to die for, the gorgeous golden toned component feels very luxurious. When I wound up the bullet, I was instantly intrigued by the bullet shape, and wondered how this would compare with the standardised shape we all know and love.  After taking my photographs (blogger problems!) I swatched the lipstick for the first time, which felt super creamy and saturated with pigment.

I have now worn this lipstick several times, and have been able to form a well rounded opinion on the product! I am going to throw it out there.. It isn’t my favourite formula! The shade truely is beautiful, the perfect mix of pink and brown. It is a very comfortable matte formula, but I do not find that it lasts very long on me in comparision to other brands I have tried. The worst thing? I genuinely think I am allergic to it! I wore it everyday for a week and I’ve suffered so badly with sore, cracked lips since. I am going to give my lips a break and try again but the future is not looking positive for me and my newest purchase.

Have you tried anything from the Charlotte Tilbury line? Is there anything else that you think I need to try?


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3 thoughts on “My First Charlotte Tilbury Purchase

  1. I’ve got to be honest and say I’m really not a huge fan of the matte lipsticks. To say they’re matte, the pigmentation isn’t as good as I’d expect and you definitely need a lip liner for them to pop. I do love the colours though, I have very Victoria and it is really beautiful! I’ll use it up but I won’t buy it again. I do like her other formula too! Much more pigment and really creamy! Xxx


  2. I really love Secret Salma, but I must say that I don’t think the formula is very matte at all – it’s very satiny in feel with a slight sheen. That one wears really well on me, so much so it’s my wedding lipstick, so I’m not sure whether the line varies somewhat 😦
    That shade looks really pretty, hopefully it was a bad spell and you’ll be able to get some use from it! x


  3. Such a shame that you don’t like the formula I can’t believe you’re allergic!!! so upsetting as it’s such a gorgeous lipstick xxx


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