​BeautyPie Round 2; First Impressions and Final Decisions.

A few months back I did a view and post all about my experiences with BeautyPie – you can see those here and here. I decieded to save up my two months worth of credits and do a big splurge (which ended up costing me just shy of £40 for the products alone!) and I thought I’d share what I picked up, my first impressions on these products and my overall opinion on the BeautyPie idea.

Beautypie review and swatches moonlit podwer knockout punchlipstick face powder and primer 3
I liked the idea of cutting out the ‘middle man’ and ‘makeup without the markup’ and as you will be able to see from video where I tried the products for the first time, I was genuinely impressed with the quality. BeautyPie states that they offer luxury quality products without the uplift in costs.
With my second order, I had £200 worth of credits so decided to spend as much of that I could, and managed to spend every penny! I picked up nine items which I will detail below and these came to a cost of £37 plus the postage and packaging, then the £20 for the two months subscription rates, so technically over £60.00! The shipping and handling costs seem extortionate in comparison to other companies I buy off which is definitely a drawback.
I feel like I was a little bit duped when I originally signed up – having signed up as soon as it launched, I wish I had waited to see a few reviews on the products etc but I was just too impatient. There are a few great products which I have had an enjoyed, but it is definitely a brand I will be living without from now on. The brand has been expanding and there has been a number of new products that have launched since I last ordered but I’m going to be unsubscribing to their incessant emails.
Beautypie review and swatches moonlit podwer knockout punchlipstick face powder and primer 1
As mentioned above, I picked up several pieces in my second haul and thought I’d give you a quick breakdown of them all before giving my overall final opinion.  The Neutrals Palette (not pictured as I used this for a twitter giveaway) – I didn’t get to swatch this product but the colours were really pretty but nothing that isn’t dupable.
Bio-Infusion breathable primer – I really didn’t like this, it felt so slick against my skin. I don’t know if it is meant to be reminiscent of the Laura Mercier primer but that one is beautiful. I will not be finishing this one up.  Their Fantastikohl smudgey colour eye crayon in “Taupey” – this is a really pretty soft eye pencil which glides on the eyes and as the name would suggest, can be smudged out. It last well on the eyes and I like the shape of the pencil itself, but again, something I can live without.
The Falsh Lash mascara in “cosmic black” – I’m going to throw it out there that I actually love this mascara, I do think it is excellent. It gives long and volumised lashes without being heavy, it lasts well on my eyes without flaking or crumbling. The brush is great on this one too, and it is perfect for those bottom lashes too!
Future Lipstick Satin in “knockout punch” – this is a very pretty shade which I have enjoyed using. It last a couple of hours on the lips and is great with the lipliner I picked up.  The Moisture Lock Lipliner in “foxy” – this is a nice formula and the colour is great under a number of my nude lipsticks. It doesn’t do anything that my favourite lipliners from Essence (I have a post about these HERE) do not do, but I will continue to use until it runs out. I picked up the Incrediblur concealer in shade “Fair 100” – this creases on me really badly and the shade is quite yellow so it isn’t great on my skin. Definitely one to avoid in my opinion! The One Powder Wonder in “Universal” – a very finely milled powder, good for setting the face and reminds me slightly of a similar product from Sephora. I will use this but feel that it is a product I’d be happy not to repurchase. Moonlighting Balm Radiance Powder in the shade ‘Soft Soul’ – this is super pretty but not at all what I was expecting. I think it is meant to be reminiscent of the hourglass ambient powders and give the skin a glow rather than a pure highlight. I am enjoying this one, but again one I won’t be heartbroken to lose when I finish it.
Beautypie review and swatches moonlit podwer knockout punchlipstick face powder and primer 2DSC01035
If you are going to sign up to BP then I definitely recommend you pick up the following three products as they are really good and I will be sad when these run out as I have found them to be quite standout for me.
The pro-glow powder highlight and the triple beauty liquid luminizer are two items I used in my first youtube video and they’re a pair to be reckoned with. I normally apply the liquid first and top with the proglow for a crazy highlight. The flash lash mascara is wonderful for creating volumised and lengthened lashes whislt the moon light powders give a glow to the skin without being a super highlight.
Overall, I don’t really like the BeautyPie system. I like the idea behind it but found it to be an expensive system. The packaging  being lighter than a standard ‘luxury’ item didn’t really bother me, but the fact that you have to guess your shades and there are no swatches on the site itself bothers me. There are some great products, and I understand why there was such a hype originally (although this does seem to have died down pretty quickly).
I thought this might be a cheaper way to try higher quality products than you would find at a similar price point but it doesn’t actually end up being that affordable. In my opinion you’re better saving your money and purchasing something that is actually luxury. That way you can test, swatch and play with the products in store before buying.
I think this could be a great idea, but right now (as you may have guessed!) it is a no from me.
Have you tried beautypie? What was your opinion?

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2 thoughts on “​BeautyPie Round 2; First Impressions and Final Decisions.

  1. I completely agree with you, The pricing of delivery and extra charges just feels like a slap in the face when you get to the checkout, it it was cheaper and I could use it as a one off once or twice a year I might consider it, but I would rather see these high end products in a store, and like you say I think you’re better off saving your money as it’s essentially a £30+ gamble a month!


  2. It’s such a shame they add on all the hidden fees and things as like you said I would rather save up my cash and get a brand! xxx


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