As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’m trying to maintain a good skincare routine and so far have been seeing a good response in my skin for doing so. With going away however, I knew that I couldn’t lug around all my skin bits so I had to optimise my favourites and utilise any samples I had lying around.


Whilst I have been using my trusty Frezyderm products (full review upcoming I promise!) for the last few months, the packaging means that they aren’t great for travel so I went back to an old favourite, packing my Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream as it is super moisturising but also lightweight which meant that Chris would also use it.

You know I wasn’t going anywhere without an eye cream which was of course my trusty Kiehls Avocado cream. This is my absolute favourite and I can’t bare to be without it. It is thick but comfortable and just leaves my eyes feeling refreshed and revitalised in the mornings. I find it works best when you massage it between your ring fingers as the consistency changes slightly. It is an all around winner for me and I genuinely can’t see myself changing for something else anytime soon.

I don’t wear makeup during the day on holiday as a general rule, normally because it is so hot that I sweat it all off. I decided to take a mini bottle of the Garnier Micellar Water (much better than the L’oreal one I’ve been testing!) and a sample size of the Kiehls Cleanser (full write up to come on this one…!). The Micellar water is great as it gives you skin a refresh but also was gentle enough on my sore and sunburnt skin!

One of my first ever posts on this blog was about the Kiehls advent calendar and I decieded now was about time to bring out all the sample sizes I got with it (as well as a few samples given at the #kiehlsonwheels event.

I had big plans to use all the samples but my skin was so irritated from sunburn for a big chunk of the holiday that I didn’t use many of them so can only give opinions on the below –

I got the Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate as part of my advent calendar and this tiny vial lasted me a lifetime! It was nice enough but I don’t feel like it made any difference to my skin over the three weeks I was using it daily so I wouldn’t rush out and buy it. I think there are better products from Kiehls to spend your money on. Another advent calendar treat was the Kiehls Super Multi-corrective Eye Opening Serum – again, this was a really generous sample size and whilst it felt lovely under my eye cream, I don’t think this product would be good for under makeup. It was fine for holiday where I wanted to keep my under eyes hydrated but this definitely isn’t an everyday necessity for me.

I definitely didn’t use the Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense on the days I should have done! It was very lightweight on the skin and sank in easily, it left my skin feeling fresh but protected. I actually really liked this and to be honest I’ve always turned my nose up at specially designed facial SPFs but I think this could have changed my mind for good. I’ll definitely be picking up another one for our next trip! A great option for something lightweight!

Finally I packed a mask which I used towards the end of the holiday. Origins do great face masks and I was a huge advocate of theirs for a long time but I feel like drugstore skincare has upped its game so much that I don’t think I would rush out and buy their products anymore. The mask was nice but nothing to write home about; to be honest I can’t remember much about it which I think says it all! These mini packets are great for travel though so that is one redeeming factor.

What are your holiday skincare musthaves? I wish I had packed an oil or oil based cleanser as I feel they just wash my face better but other than that I’m pretty happy with how I managed to pack!

What is your must have skincare item?


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  1. Never heard of Frezyderm so excited for this review! I love Origins too that mask is lovely. Those Kiehls sample came in so handy for your hullimoon! xxx

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