Read about what we saw, slept and ate in Jacksonville, FL!


See: We didn’t really have our sights set on Jacksonville until a lady in Orlando reccomended us visiting Ichetucknee Springs . We’d never even heard of Ichetucknee so we got on google and decieded that yes, we had to visit. It is a gorgeous natural spring with beautiful crystal clear water. We hired out a ring each for $7 each and floated down the river for two and half hours, admiring the trees and wild turtles. It was beautiful and apparently the water stays the temperature all year which means you can go tubing whenever you want! I’d 100% try and go tubing somewhere else in America next time we visit, it was so much fun! We also met a great couple who we spent the whole time chatting too as we floated downstream. I absolutely loved vlogging this day! 

C/O Google

SLEEP: We stopped at the Scottish Inns and I promise you, you have never stayed anywhere quite as shit as this place. It was absolutely disgusting. It cost us a measley $40 and you definitely got what you paid for. We actually went out and brought a gigantic blanket to sleep in because I didn’t want to get in the bed!  You couldn’t pay me enough to stay here – it felt very much like we were being watched by the gang members standing around the hotel – we were suprised when the car still had its wheels in the morning! One review on TripAdvisor said that they had found a needle in their room, thats the kind of the standards at this place! 

c/o Google Images

EAT: I found a place called The Bearded Pig on Google. We both love BBQ food and I couldn’t wait to try out their offerings. It is quite a small place with a condensed but delicious menu – they had a lovely outdoor area (which I didn’t photograph! I’m sorry!) which we sat out in; it was covered over and we sat listening to the pitter patter of the rain. Delicious! The prices were good and the atmostphere was great. I felt like it was definitely a hit with the locals as it was quite hidden away on the outskirts of town. 

OVERALL: We didn’t get the best impressions of Jacksonville from when we pulled up at our hotel but we really enjoyed our evening at The Bearded Pig, and also had a coffee the following morning in the San Marco area of town which was beautiful. It felt almost Cuban! We’d stop by again. 


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Here is my vlog from our day tubing!

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