Summer Dressing for Sunshine Haters


Stripes and Tan
I feel as though this post has been in my drafts for a very long time as the sunshine seems to have disappeared since I started writing this post.

Summer is literally the worst for me – I’m body conscious enough, but the fact that I do not cope well with heat does not help at all – If I’m not lying by a pool with a cocktail in my hand when it is hot, then you might as well not have any dealings with me because I’ll be miserable and grumpy.

 I seem to have created a kind of uniform for myself which doesn’t stray too far from my day to day uniform of jeans and a teeshirt and this is thankfully something that I feel usually offers enough cool-ness to prevent me from having a full blown meltdown, but also keeps me as close to within my comfort zone as I can be when the weather is warm.
Denim shorts are a must have for any wardrobe but bloody hell aren’t they hard to find! To find a pair which don’t show my bum cheeks or give me all the chub rub has been a complete mission but I finally hunted down a pair (albeit two sizes bigger than normal) in Matalan of all places! I pair this with a loose baggy vest top (again, near on impossible to find without embellishment or skin clinging fabric) then my favourite summer accessories – Birkenstocks.
Three years ago I would have told you that they were the ugliest shoes ever (and I gave my mum a lot of shit for wearing them!) but I’m now a member of the fugly but comfy crew, and I love them! Paired with a trusty tan bag and a tan belt – you’re ready to go!
Do you have a summer uniform?
Any suggestions on coping with the heat?

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