As autumn and winter draw in I struggle so much with getting up in the mornings. In the summer I can spring out of bed with ease but the minutes it is dark when I need to rise, I cannot drag myself out of bed. Last autumn I decided to make myself a purchase which promised to help me out, and now I’ve dusted it off again for this season change, I thought I’d let you know all about it.


Just like I switch up my beauty routine when the season change, I bring out my Lumie Light. I originally picked this up from John Lewis as I was struggling so much with getting up in the morning. I believe I paid £60 for this lamp as their starter clock.

Lumie is a brand which is highly invested in the science behind light therapy and their products are supplied to the NHS. They supply lights to help with SAD syndrome and also acne. Their products are scientifically based which I really like and their body clock was the first on the high street market, bringing light therapy to the masses.

The basic idea behind a Lumie light is that it gradually wakes you up, mimicking a sunrise in your bedroom. My alarm is set to go off from 6.30 but the light slowly starts to brighten from around 6.00. This gradual change in the light tells your body to stop producing the sleep hormone Melatonin enabling you to get up easier.

When I invested in this clock I was genuinely somewhat dubious of what it could offer me but I was so desperate that I thought I’d give it a go. Does it work? Without a doubt. I’m often almost awake by the time the alarm actually goes off so the sound doesn’t wake me up with a start. I find this more natural way of rising puts me in a better mood for the rest of the day too.

There is also an option of a ‘sunset’ setting, meaning that you are able to drift off at night to a gradually diming light. I often use this for when I’m reading as when it starts to dim I put my book down and snuggle down.

I love this product but it doesn’t come without a couple of downsides – firstly, it is bloody ugly! The more expensive ones are more attractive and have more options such as the option for aromatherapy spritzers. Also the alarm sound on this is awful, it genuinely sounds like a fire alarm. I am typically awake before it goes off so it doesn’t matter to much but I wish this had the option to change the sound like the Bodyclock GO70 does.

All in all, I am so glad that I took the plunge and purchased this clock. Chris definitely eye rolled when I came home with it but it has changed my life for the better. I’d love to try some of the more improved models so maybe that’s a purchase for another day…

I purchased my light from John Lewis but you can buy from a number of other suppliers. However if you purchase directly from the Lumie website you can try the product for 45 days before committing!

Have you got any top tips for  the change in season?


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3 thoughts on “THE LUMIE LIGHT – A REVIEW

  1. I rely on my Lumie so much once the dark mornings arrive. I use an alarm on my phone and then just use the light to help me wake up feeling more refreshed.


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