My ‘Uniform’


My 'Uniform'

I have big dreams of being uber fashionable, of being one of those people who looks simply ‘put together’ rather than my usual look of bag lady. I am not one of those people however, and find putting outfits together so difficult.
For this reason I’ve ended up with a ‘uniform’ – a very basic outfit which ticks all the boxes!I discussed previously about how I’m very much looking into the concept of a capsule wardrobe but I really think that will take me a decent amount of time to condense and work on – I think it is a job for 2018 at the minute.
The long and short of it is that I have soo many clothes, but hate the majority of them, and therefore revert to this trusty outfit so often. I’ve become obsessed with the New Look Jenna Jeans. After being a convert to high waisted super skinnies for so long, I’ve learnt to love a mid rise jean. Much easier for tucking tshirts into when you’ve got a bit of a spare tire and the Jennas are more ankle grazers which I find to be really flattering. I’ve got the black wash and a light ripped one. I’m waiting for a nice mid tone rinse to be released and then I’m about there with all my denim requirements I think.
I never used to understand the importance of a plain white tee but I’ve been a lover of GAP tshirts for a long time. I’ve recently found the American Eagle basic tees to be an incredible staple to my wardrobe – they have a weight against them which makes them hang really well. They also wash and iron really well too. You can actually buy them in the UK now too.
I mentoned earlier int he year and in this video that I had purchased a Mulberry Lily. It is a purchase I’d been wanting to make for such a long time and I finally did it, so now I’m incorporating it into literally every outfit I own. There are so many lovely bags on the market nowadays so you could wear antuhing you wanted with a super basic outfit like this.
My Converse saw a sad and sorry end in Florida this summer when we got caught in a torrential downpour but I haven’t found a shoe since that goes with literally every outfit with such ease. so I’ve got them on my payday wishlist.
Finally, I finish 90% of my outfits with my leather jacket. I purchased my leather jacket (similar to this one here) from River Island with my first proper work cheque. It was £100 at the time which was such a lot for me to spend but I ummed and ahhed for such a long time and I’m glad I purchased it now. It has gotten so much use over the years.
Do you have a “uniform”?

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