We were not originally planning on having a wedding video as they can be incredibly expensive and our budget was tight by the end of it. My best friends other half is part of the videographing duo Apography, and when Akash asked if he could film our wedding for his portfolio, we both jumped at the chance to have him film our wedding.

I’ve mentioned before that Chris hates having his photo taken, and although all our wedding photos are fantastic, on some of them he genuinely looks like he is having the worst day of his life. He just doesn’t smile very often so I knew that having a video would mean these rare smiles would be captured on camera for me to see forever.

Akash captured every single minute of our wedding, everything is shot in the most incredible quality (he actually shot the whole wedding in slo mo!) and he spent such painstaking time putting it all together, ensuring it was perfect.

We were originally given a teaser video which you can see below. Upon watching this I instantly welled up. What a dreamy reminder of the best day of our lives?


Our full video followed afterwards, and the attention to detail on it blows my mind everytime I watch it. Apography are more well known for their Indian weddings, which are typically shot in a very different style to how Akash shot ours – this just shows how incredibly talented they are. I’d really recommend you giving some of their other videos a watch on their facebook page as they really are some of the best in the business. Since our wedding they have also invested in a drone and the footage is incredible!

Akash made all our family feel so at ease, I never felt like he was in our way, he just snuck around, capturing every moment. He has such an eye for capturing the little things – the little things that make the whole day so special.

I’d love if you could give our wedding video a watch below. I cannot thank Akash enough for filming our day and editing in such a magical way. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Apography for your wedding videographer – They’re fab.

Please make sure you give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and send any enquiries their way on their website.

Akash and Apography, thank you – we’ll always be in your debt x

Lora & Chris #OneHullOfAWeddingDay from apography on Vimeo.


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