January Weight Loss

If you didn’t know – I started back at Slimming World this month, and have decided to write a monthly post about my weight loss, and an honest run down of how I’ve found the week. I’ve set myself quite the goal for this year as I finished the last few months of 2017 feeling sluggish and sad. I know roughly what kind of weight I feel the most comfortable at, and I want to work towards that!

I started slimming world about 11 months before getting married, and about 2 months before actually getting married I stopped going, up to my tits in wedding prep. Whilst I don’t agree with everything they offer (unlimited fizzy drinks?!) I know that the ‘plan’ works for me and that I can tweak it to make it work the best for me. The consulant I go to is absolutely fab, and I’ve been spending my Monday nights at the gym, followed by a weigh in.

Week One (2 -7 Jan): -5.5lb

Getting on the scales for the first time in a long time was a bit of a shocker, and I’d put on a lot more than I had originally anticipated. I sat in group on my first night however and felt motivated. So many women who were there to share ideas and all had a mutual goal.

I’ve found the first week relatively easy to be honest – I think this is because I’ve just started, meaning my mojo will probably dissipate shortly! I was so pleased with the loss in my first week, and it has spurred me on for next week!


Week Two (8 – 14 Jan): -2lb

YAY for half a stone! I’ve definitely found this week a lot harder. I really craved fizzy drinks which I’m trying not to have (I really don’t like diet coke, pepsi max etc) but treated myself to a can of full fat coke after my first weigh in which was a dream. I struggled to have speed food with every meal as there is so much I don’t like, but I did a lot of batch cooking which meant when I was having a ‘cant be arsed to cook’ moment, then all I have to do is whack something in the microwave. Chris has been really supportive and I’ve tweaked meals for him. We also worked on the cupboards – clearing out any ready made sauces etc (I cooked these up as meals for Chris’ lunches).

Week Three (15 – 21 Jan): -1.5lb

I felt a bit deflated when I got on the scales this week after having been really good all week. I skipped a few meals this week due to being busy so next week I’m going to try and eat a bit more regularly and up the speed foods!

Week Four (22 – 28th Jan): -1.5lb

Upping my speed foods and drinking more doesn’t appear to have made much different and to be honest, if anything I’m feeling a bit ‘heavy’ than I have done in a while, I guess its just adjusting etc! I was quite disappointed with my loss this week as I’ve tried so hard again, but that stone certificate is creeping slowly closer!

Total lost this month: 10.5lb!

Feeling: really proud of myself, 10.5lb, one can of coke all month (my absolute favourite) and even more determined than ever!

Have you tried Slimming world before? Do you have any tips or any favourite dishes?


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2 thoughts on “January Weight Loss

  1. Congrats on your progress! Remember that with anything, progression isn’t going to be steady and linear – there’s bound to be ups and downs. It’s great that you have a support system too. Keep at it!

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