February Weight Loss

29th Jan – 4th Feb: Maintain

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t gutted when I stepped on the scales tonight. I’ve been really good with my meals, trying to stop skipping them and trying to eat some kind of breakfast daily. I’ve upped my water intake, I’ve tried to have speed foods with every meal. I did have fish and chips on Saturday but reduced syns throughout the week to counterbalance this – which seemingly didn’t work! Fingers crossed for a better loss next week.

5th – 11th: 2lb

I was wracked with nerves when I got the scales this week after the disappointment of a maintain last week but seriously pleased with 2lb! The stone award is ever closer…


12th – 18th: 2lb

I only went and got my bloody stone award didn’t i! I was absolutely buzzing when I got off the scales tonight, it’s something I’ve really wanted so I’m feeling super happy. Nothing major to report this week – I had pancakes, I went out for tea and just tried to food optimise where I could!

19th – 25th: 2lb

Last week was a tough one – we went to five guys for my one stone celebration meal 🙌🏻 had lasagne at a friends house then a Saturday drinking gin and snacking with more friends so I got a shock when I stood on the scales and had actually lost some weight. I’m feeling really good and need to maintain my momentum over the next few weeks (lots of eating out etc) to keep up the good work!

Total lost this month: 6lb

Total loss so far: 16lb

Feeling: Amazing! I had a non scale victory this week when I picked up some jeans in the sale I’d previously tried on and didn’t flatter or suit me so feeeeling gooood!


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