What I learnt from detoxing my social media friendship circle (+ Why I deleted 800+ ‘friends’ from Facebook)

I grew up online – from the age of 12+ I was spending all hours on MSN, MySpace, then Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I never really noticed just how much it was consuming my life until recently. I looked on my facebook profile, only to realise that I didn’t care for 90% of the people on there, hadn’t seen some of them in 10+ years, and some of them I couldn’t even remember how I met them, so it was time to have a clear out.

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago, that if you met someone anywhere, you’d add them on facebook. This had conglomerated on my profile at over 1000 ‘friends’. I was literally spending hours of my weeks, flicking through posts of people I didn’t give two hoots about, and something needed to change.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learnt to care less about the number of friends I have, and more about the quality of friendships I’ve got; rather than lots of half arsed friendships, I’m very focussed and dedicated to the smaller number of friends I do have – for this reason, clearing out my profile was just rolling this out into my social media too.

Facebook for me is more personal, for closer family and friends so I cleared out 800+ ‘friends’ from my profile, and do you know what? I feel freer, I feel lighter. It sounds so silly, but it really is true. I’m not longer bogged down by Stacey who I’ve not seen since I was 15, moaning about her washing machine, or Tom who is still going out every night on the lash. I see posts from my best friends, from my family and my loved ones scattered across the globe (and of course lots of Bulldog and Bullet Journal posts too!).

Twitter and Instagram are a bit different for me as they align with my blog and youtube channel; despite this and the days of sub4sub and follow/unfollow online, I’m actually clearing out my twitter and IG profiles too, despite the fact that I’m sure it will lose me a great deal of followers. I want to be surrounded by bloggers and writers that inspire me, instagrams that woo me, youtubers who are realistic and whose videos I actually enjoy.

It feels silly but I feel so detoxed by clearing out my online friends; I’ve really learnt so much about myself, what I find inspiring, what I find irritating online. We spend so much time comparing ourselves online, wishing we were able to attain such high standard portrayed online.  It is so freeing to rid yourself of that, and I’d highly recommend you do the same!

Do you try to keep your online circles small? Let me know! Social media and the effects it has on us is something that interests me so much!


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3 thoughts on “What I learnt from detoxing my social media friendship circle (+ Why I deleted 800+ ‘friends’ from Facebook)

  1. Quality rather than quantity! Like you, I keep Facebook personal. I did have a blog page but didn’t use it very often. I follow bloggers on Instagram and Twitter as you can cross over between blog and personal a bit more easily. Good blogger friends often are interested to see your everyday life too 🙂

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