I feel like we currently live in a world where you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. We have fat shamers, we have skinny shamers, we have people who are all about loving your body regardless of its shape and size. For me, the online world currently feels like an absolute mine field some days so I’ve bit a bit worried about sharing this blog post.

You may or may not know that I’ve been following slimming world for the last six months, and although I do not necessarily believe ALL the things it tells you (unlimited diet drink is okay for you? don’t think so…) , you know what? It has worked for me and continues to do so.

Weightloss, weight gain, body shapes and size seems to be a bit of a contentious issue online at the moment and I just wanted to put my two pence – losing weight has made me feel good about myself, and that’s okay. Just like everyone elses bodies, fat, thin or anything in-between is also okay.

If you follow me on any social media platforms, you’ll know that you pretty much never see a full length photo of me. For the last five or so years I’ve slowly been gaining weight and losing confidence. I used to be very into fashion (into fashion but certainly not fashionable.. there were definitely some serious faux pas’ to be had) – and had wardrobes full of clothes and was always ready to experiment with a pattern or print, and the last few years of weightgain took that away from me. I opted for a ‘uniform’ – jeans t-shirt and boots in the winter, jeans t-shirt and sandals in the summer – and whilst it made it very easy to get dressed in the morning, it zapped me of my creativity and my pazazz.

Weight gain ruined my self confidence and truly made me unhappy. That’s not to say that my body looked ‘bad’, it just didn’t feel like  it was my body. I felt like I was wearing someone elses for the longest time and now I’ve finally taken ownership of my own body again, I feel incredible. I’ve stepped away from my uniform, experimented with different cuts, different colours and I feel good right now.

I’ve fluctuated about 4 stone in the last five years, and I’m now 2 stone down, and feel fantastic for it. I’ve not got a perfect body, theres a lot of wobble going on still but I’m happy with where I’m at and how I feel. For me, body confidence has come in feeling like ‘me’ again, not for having hit a certain weight bracket or clothing size (I still fit into the majority of the clothes I was wearing 2 stone previously!) and I think that is the most important thing.

It is okay to be any size – as long as you are happy and comfortable then that’s the only thing that matters. I will happily celebrate any body size, and continue to do so, but knew that losing weight was the only way to make me feel like me again.

So I’m planning on incorporating some more fashion posts into this blog and I hope that’s okay with you all. I’ve got an actual blogger shoot at the end of the month which I’m SO excited for (but also bricking it – I’m hopeless at posing!) so I’m that’ll kick start some fashion content – it’s coming guys!!

In the mean time I’d love to hear your current fashion favourites and summer staples? I’m all about a midi dress at the minute – I’ve been wearing the primark coral musthave for weeks and desperate to expand my collection!

With all the love in the world,


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  1. Good for you! It’s all about being healthy, and confident. I’m glad you’re not doing some crash diet and instead going about it sensibly. (I agree – unlimited diet drinks sounds like terrible advice though!)
    Right now I’m shocking my coworkers by wearing COLOUR and even dresses / skirts since I’m forever in black / grey clothes and I almost always wear trousers / capris. But summertime is for letting loose. 😉


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