Starting Afresh In September

The perpetual child in me loves September. I think the excitement and expectation of a new school year will never leave me – even though I finished school almost ten years ago. September rolls around and I’m pretty much busting to raid paperchase to change up my office space (of course purchasing ALL the new pencil cases which I will basically never use) as well as wanting to entirely reinvent myself with a whole new wardrobe.

I love the idea that every day is a new day and everyday can be a brand new start but something about September feels extra special and makes my heart skip a beat – we’re transitioning into the autumn (my favourite season FYI), it’s time to pull the ankle boots from the depth of the wardrobe, throw on those scarves and master the art of layering (I’m still not there).

This September I’m feeling really like a kid with a new school year because tomorrow I start a new job. It is going to be within the same company but I’m going to be working as a supervisor with a team of six and I’m so excited for a new challenge. The last year in my job role was definitely a baptism of fire and whilst some days I’ve loved it, some days I’ve sat at home after work and cried because I just couldn’t cope. Working in the construction industry is a very male orientated sector and I sometimes found it hard to see myself being taken seriously but I’ve always been able to prove the doubters wrong with my knowledge which always made me want to give myself a little pat on the back.

I really see myself developing so much in this new role and I think it will help my home life too – my hours have been sporadic over the last year and I’ve just been riding a rollercoaster of emotions so I’m really looking forward to starting the new (September) year with a fresh look on life.

I’m going to take September as the chance to reassess, revaluate and work on moving forward, ploughing all my time and energy into things I want to do, things I am passionate about and simply improving myself day on day.

I’m not really sure what the point of this post was other than to give myself 5 minutes to talk about where I’m going currently but do you feel the same about September?


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