Resetting after holiday..

I’ve had a little unplanned blog and youtube break over the last few weeks during and after holiday because of a complete lack of wifi and do you know what? I feel goood for it. We went to Cyprus for a friends weddding and I had a week of completely resetting, relaxing etc. It was dreamy. I read eight books in seven days, listened to all the podcasts and soaked up all the sun.

I’ve returned back home and the seasons have completely changed. The weekend after we got back I had a full blown autumn scrubdown of the house which felt amazing, a total wardrobe reorganise and powered through a huge pile of ebay; I’ve managed to make some decent money too which has paid for a New Look haul full of cozy jumpers and winter boots. I love these crisp mornings and beautiful autumn days.

Usually my brain is going at 100 miles per hour so coming home from holiday I feel totally relaxed, in control (for how long I wonder…) and just ready to embrace the autumn and winter with smile one my face. I wrote a list of all the things that were stressing me out before holiday, and I’ve implemented plans to prevent this going forward. For example, I get super stressed out over keeping on top of the housework so I’ve scheduled in to do one house job a night (ironing, food shopping, hoovering etc) so hopefully prevent the weekend meltdowns I’ve been having where I feel like I might collapse under the housework! It has been a couple of weeks in the working so far and it is going well.

We have SO many plans over the next coming weekends which I’m really looking forward to, we’re booking a mini break for December and we’re also hoping to have our bathroom redone. I’m going to introduce a little bit of more homey based posts on the blog too so hopefully you won’t mind!

I just feel in a really good place again after a week away! Do you feel the same after a holiday or does returning home instantly snap you out of the holiday bliss?

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