Self care is something that gets banded around so much at the moment but for me it goes past soaking yourself in the bath for an hour a week with a facemask, but is something I try to implement in daily life – there is no point in treating yourself once a week if you’re only going to treat yourself like shit the rest of the week – you feel me?


I have been a cheap shopper for many years but I’m finally learning the joy in investing in nice fabrics, better cuts etc. For me, this is manifesting itself in my wardrobe (predominantly in my basics – coats, t shirts – trend led pieces are still very much primark additions) but also in my pyjama section. Never one to previously turn down a comedy onesie, I’ve finally come to the realisation that a high quality pyjama feels SO MUCH nicer? I’m such a homebody that I’m surprised it has taken me this long to realise. I was kindly gifted the gorgeous Khaki pyjama shorts from Hunkemoller as part of their collaboration with Pamela RF and I’m lovvvving them. Gone are the passion killer days of the onesie and I’m all about these lightweight shorts with a cute black cami top for some serious chill time at home. Isn’t the colour just perfect for this time of year too? Some cashmere socks would definitely complete the look but I know they would last approx 3 minutes before I lost one.

I’m not a tidy person, but I find that a good session of ‘timed organisation’ really helps keep my brain in a good place. I really believe in ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ but with a child like husband who drops his clothes where he takes them off and a dog who leaves toys all over the house, it is hard to maintain that Instagram perfect household so if I’m having a moment where I need to focus, I give myself 20-30 minutes to tidy as much as I can – and if it can’t get done in that time, everything that still needs putting away goes in a washing basket to be dealt with the next day in my next timed session. It takes the pressure off which I really feel like I need.

I’ve got a post coming up within the next couple of ways about my bullet journal (my main source of organisation) but I take 15-20 minutes at the weekend to plan out my week and see where I will be with work, what jobs need doing and what time I have for socials. This gives me an overall plan and I can work out if I need to be up earlier on certain days to get jobs done and helps again to take the overall pressure off. If I can, I also do some meal planning, and start my shopping list off the back of this.

I get no greater joy than grabbing myself a coffee and shutting the bedroom door for five minutes. It never has to be for long but that five minutes just helps me reset entirely. I sit on our bed or on the floor, drink my coffee in peace and just gather my thoughts.

Of course all the usual self care practises are thrown into the mix – I’ll never turn down a face mask, a soak in the tub with a bubble bar or a coffee at my favourite local shop with friends but the above three things just help me reset – clothes that make my skin feel good, a weekly plan to make my brain feel good and a coffee in the quiet to set me up for the day.


What are your routine self care practises?


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