As a perpetual over packer, the thought of packing a very miniture beauty bag for a weekend feels me with actual dread. What I don’t pack the right shade of red lipstick? Is two nudes enough? What about a gloss, and maybe some matching liners? What coverage foundation might I want? Liner? Will I get dry lips, will I want my Nuxe or eight hour cream (best pack both to be on the safe side) and then I of course need a lip scrub (which I don’t use at home but is a weekend away essentially apparently). 

We went away to Germany to see Chris’ brother so this time I’ve tried to be super minimal – he won’t be taking us anywhere super fancy so why not try and see what I can actually manage on for a weekend?

Skincare is a funny one as you don’t need a great deal of it but it isn’t really something that cames in travel sizes with ease. For this reason I picked up some little containers from Primark and decantered some of my favourites accordingly. Of course I had to label maker them (I couldn’t live without this device) to showcase what they are. 

Lips: Eight Hour Cream; I’ve only got a huge tube of this which isn’t pocket friendly but it is so hydrating and a great overnight treat for the lips. Face: I’ve packed some of the Malin & Goetz Vitamin E moisturiser which I’m currently working on finishing. I’d be lying if I said it was my favourite but will do for three days away.  Eyes: I’ve packed my beloved Kiehls eye cream but some serious under eye treats. I struggle in the colder weather with my under eyes so a good hydrating eye cream is a must. Cleanse: I’ve scooped out some of the Clinque Take The Day Off cleansing balm for the weekend. It’s so good (although The Body Shop Cleansing Butter is a definite dupe) so I know my skin will be super clean and makeup free. 

Now that that very basic skincare is out of the way – onto the fun stuff; makeup and fragrance. 

I’ve spoken before about my very strong sense of smell and how smell evokes such strong memories within me so I love to travel with perfumes. This holiday I’ve very kindly been gifted a fragrance from Scent & Co which will be perfect for our weekend away. Scent & Co is a fragrance subscription service where for £14.95 a month you can trial a scent. Each scent comes in a vial which slots into a super handy spritzer – just twist and go.

I went for Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon which is a favourite of mine and couldn’t wait to have it in such a portable and easy to use atomiser. The packaging feels really luxe in matte black metal meaning I felt completely comfortable flinging it in my hand luggage. You can opt for any of over 450 scents on the website or let their scent experts pick for you – if that isn’t a fab idea then I’m not sure what is. This is a service I’m definitely going to use again – I love the idea of tying different scents to different trips without the commital of a large bottle in your bag, so what a great way to do so!

Beautywise I’ve tried to seriously strip it down –  a longwear foundation in the form of Rimmel Last Finish foundation, Max Factor Baked Bronzer and Rimmel Volume Shake mascara. Highlight is always required so I’ve opted for the cutest mini of Becca Opal with my newest Rimmel Magni’feyes palette in the shade nude which should cover all bases for super low key neutral to a darker smokey for the evening. 

I’m trying to finish up this mini of Kat Von D tattoo liner so I’ve packed that along with three lip products – a matte nude in the form of Velvet Teddy, the perfect red a la Jeffree Star Redrum, Jeffree Who from his latest collection (that packaging…!) and my favourite gloss – Fenty Glossbomb. 

I feel like I’ve been pretty succinct in my packing – what do you think?

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*The item from Scent&Co was kindly gifted to me but I can confirm all opinions are my own and its a product / service I’d genuinely use.

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