I’ve been doing the bullet journal system since October 2017 and actually filmed a really terrible video on my youtube channel earlier this year (you can cringe and watch that by clicking here) which gave you a breakdown of what I’d already tried, what I was going to do for 2018 and my January set up.

If you’ve never heard of bullet journalling (where have you been? under a rock?!) then I’d fully recommend watching this video by Ryder Carrol, the inventor of the “BuJo”. This video shows the bullet journal in its very most basic form, but people have taken the idea of it and run with it. It an all encompassing form of organisation, forward planning and everything in between. Mine contains forward diary, current diary, birthday trackers, annual leave trackers and blog post calendars. I have my monthly favourites listed, the films I’ve watched and SO MUCH MORE. I feel I should just set the tone for this post. I’m still obsessed.

In November / December last year I was OBSESSED with watching youtube videos of calligraphy, and viral youtube videos of beautiful set ups online filled with insane illustration, colour and pattern. I have devoured hundreds of hours of these videos and always finished a binge session feeling inspired. Channels such as AmandaRachLee have shown just how much you can get creative with your bullet journal and I just wanted to do that for my own BuJo. I wanted it to be a piece of artwork. The first three months I spent trialling new layouts (you may see in the youtube video that it didn’t always work out!) and trying to use fancy handwriting (again, this didn’t always work out). From this I then opted for a black and white theme, but then decided to trial some colour (which didn’t work out) and one year later I’m finally in a good place with my bullet journal.

I’ll be doing a post again in early 2019 showing my layouts for the new year but I’ve found out the below in the last 15 months.I love bullet journalling; My brain never feels as organised as it does when I’ve got everything laid out on paper, and having the BuJo as a one stop shop for shopping lists, blog posts and my daily commitments, it is like a bloody bible to me.

Simple is better; I want to be able to do fancy layouts and beautiful lettering, I want to be able to have themed spreads but it simply doesn’t work for me. All I actually need to create my bullet journal is a pen, pencil and a ruler. Also – Mistakes are okay. This is something I have learnt along the way (but doesn’t mean I wasn’t upset the first time it happened!

The adaptability of the BuJo is the thing that means I don’t ever see myself going back to a standard diary. I love that when I’m flicking through my journal, it hops from daily spreads to packing lists, to content ideas then back to a monthly spread. Everything I’ve needed to note down in the last 15 months is all in there. 

I found that when I put too much pressure on myself, I fell completely out of love with my journal. I have pages which haven’t been updated properly, I’ve stopped doing trackers mid way through (and now I’m kicking myself!) etc. Stripping it back completely to a biro based journal with a set up that I know works for me is the only way to go and I’ve fallen entirely back in love. 

The bullet journal system is completely about your own preferences, and I think I was so caught up in the idea of my journal being perfect and like those I’d seen online, I got really hung up and sad when it didn’t work out that way. In my 2019 posts you’ll see that I’ve got pen smudges (already) and pages are wrinkled from incidences with a rubber but that doesn’t matter!

Have you tried the bullet journal system before? Do you think you would give it a whirl? My 2019 posts and trackers for content scheduling etc are coming next week so keep your eyes peeled!

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