Plans for 2019

I love nothing more than a new year. I feel like this is my second chance and rejigging my life (I spoke not that long ago about how September truly feels like a new year for me – the perpetual school girl within me). I love setting out my diary (make sure you keep your eyes peeled for loads of organisational / bullet journal related content upcoming), making my plans and setting my goals. I can’t believe the first month of the year is actually finished as I finally get around to posting this, despite having written it on the first day of the year!

2019 is predominately going to be the year of home renovation and organisation. We will have been in the house for four years by the time August rolls round and 4/5 rooms haven’t seen a lick of paint since then. We’ll be starting with a bathroom renovation which was booked for 7th January. I cannot wait to show you it when it is finished. We’re going relatively minimal but I can’t wait to kiss goodbye to our shabby and sad looking bathroom. It is so poorly kitted out currently and everything just looks pretty grim. (Lots coming up about that, make sure you’re following me on the gram where you’ll be seeing a lot of photos of metro tiles and general bathroom decor!)

Once the bathroom is completed we’ll be having decorators in to redo our hallway. Normally I’d do the decorating myself but the ceiling is high and everywhere needs some real good prep work beforehand so I’ll be leaving it to the experts. We’re finally putting a loft hatch in too which I cannot wait for. No more stuffing suitcases under the spare bed! I think I’ll share my plans for the hallway later on in the year when I’ve finalised it but the plan is something quite drastically different!

Our back bedroom is an absolute room of doom and gloom for me. I worked in there for eighteen months in my previous job but the vibe never felt quite right. I’ll be honest with you – it is a dumping ground. This year will see it get a new lease of life – I’m desperate get rid of the big double bed which hogs the space (and gets used twice a year) and create a space which feels zen. It is going to be a filming space for me in the coming months. I’m feeling something a bit bold and different with the paint choices too. Another one to report back on!

This year Chris will be turning 30, and in our house a birthday of that size means one thing – VEGAS! We’ll be doing a roadtrip / vegas combo holiday and I can’t wait to get my planning hat on. This will be our third big roadtrip across America so I can’t wait to get planning. It is a roadtrip I did about 14 years ago with my parents so can’t wait to see the locations with fresh eyes and with Chris at my side. This however, means saving some serious dollar dollar bills… The bathroom has been saved for and paid for, so now its onto saving for a holiday of a lifetime. If you’d be interested in hearing a bit more about how we plan our road trips, let me know!

I’ve spoken before about my weightloss journey (which is still ongoing) and I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed with my current wardrobe. I only have pieces I currently love in there but my wardrobe holds my clothes for all four season so for this reason I’m going to utilitise the capsule wardrobe idea of seasonal rotation. When I hit my target weight and body size I’m going to start investing in the perfect wardrobe staples but for now I feel that reducing the physical amount in my wardrobe is the best way to go!

If you follow me on youtube, you’ll know that I’ve been working really hard on clearing down my beauty collection as I was feeling really stressed out by it, and like it was ruling my life! What I thought was going to be a two or three part video ended up being a six parter which has totalled over 2 hours of footage. Make sure you give some of it a watch, hopefully it’ll motivate you to do the same!

Last year I originally set a target of reading 52 books, I managed to finish the year on 66 which I feel is pretty good going. I’ll try for 75 books this year – I’m a quick reader but can go weeks without picking up a book. I’ll be keeping my kindle to hand to ensure I can pick that up instead of aimlessly scrolling. I downloaded loads of new books over the Christmas holidays which I’m excited to dig my teeth into!

Have you set yourselves any goals for the new year?

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