I’ve spoken in the past about my bullet journal and have a post coming up next week about my essential bullet journal spreads for online content but today I thought I would share my more general spreads which I use regularly which you could adapt to suit your needs (especially if you’re not a blogger/youtuber).

I’ll honestly sing the praises of a bullet journal system to anyone who will listen. I thought I’d show the below to show just how easy it can be. It doesn’t look all that special, but it certainly works!

Monthly and weekly spreads -I used to use a full two pages for a monthly ‘to view’ as well as a full two weeks spread for each weekly breakdown and I’ve come to realise that I simply don’t need that much space. The above show just how little I actually add into my monthly spreads some months, and therefore two pages seemed simply a waste. Normally I wouldn’t opt for a title page either but it was a blank one so decided on a nice little quote for the month!

I feel like I’ve really nailed the weekly spread and decided that this very minimal one page spread works just perfectly for me. Last year I was putting every thing ‘to do’ in each box, but now I just focus on 3-5 key things that I need to achieve that day, anything else goes on my running to do list, which is at the end of my weeklies.

Direct debits and dates – I manage both my own personal finances but also the joint account which myself and Chris both pay into. We’ve got a few big bits to save up for this year so managing the financial side of things is priority and we’ll be saving everything we can. I like to know when and what is due to come out which allows me to make allowances for any big spends or when to make savings deposits. Of course it doesn’t always go to plan but it’s good to be in the know.  The above photo just shows you how simply my spread for this is – the date, the DD in question and the cost. Easy peasy!

Blog pages – as mentioned earlier in the post I’ll be discussing this in detail on Friday but my bullet journal is the core of my online organisation.

Birthdays and to remembers – I think there is nothing nicer than receiving a birthday card or anniversary so I keep this page up to date and refer back to it monthly when drawing up my monthly spread. As soon as someone announces a wedding or due date, this also goes straight on here. Yearly reminders such as MOT etc should also be on here but I ran out of room so these have gone on my forward planner. Last year we made a small faux pas with our car MOT so this year I’ll be ensuring I’m extra vigilant on checking this spread! On the opposite page is my gift tracker – I love keeping my ears peeled for when a friend mentions how much they’d like something and then suprising them with it later on it in the year.

Book tracker – Last year I started with a spread where I aimed to complete 52 books in the year, this then got upped to 100 books and I ended up spreading across several pages within my journal. I think I was a smidge optimistic with the 100 books as I finished having read 66. I think this year I’ll be opting for 75 books. Last year I also left room for a one line review which dropped off after about 45 books so this year I’ll be skipping that. Follow me on Goodreads if you want to keep up with my 2019 reading list where I’ll be posting mini reviews of each one!

Weight tracker: last years tracker was a little bit different in that I completed it in her chart style diagram which became messy and hard to keep up with. This year I’ll be completing it in a very similar format to my Slimming world book – starting weight, weight date and weight loss / gained along with current weight. One thing I’ll be added is weight till target. I’m really hoping to hit my target before my birthday this year and hoping that a visual reminder will help stop me from incessant snaffling!

Is there anything else that you use in your BuJo which you think would be helpful for me?

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  1. The dates to remember spread is a really good idea and I like the way you laid it out so if two birthdays happened to fall on the same day for example they would both be marked in easily 🙂 I’d love to follow you on Goodreads, do you have a link on your blog to your account? x


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