I have to give major props to anyone who regularly uploads on their social channels, blogs and you tube as well as navigating the minefield that is Instagram, whilst fending off emails. How do people do it?!

For me, the only way of keeping my self sane with this was to do it via my bullet journal which last year became my go to place for organisation what content I wanted to make, where I wanted up upload that, be my blog or youtube, as well as monitoring things such as stats and any opportunities which headed my way.

Monthly content tracker: This is one of my most used trackers for content. I’ve listed the days of the month down the side, then I simply assign each day for upload with a B(blog) or YT(youtube). I then write the title of the video or blog post, then mark next to it where I am at with it. E.g W(Written) P(Photos) FI(Featured Image) L(Links) S(SCheduled) for blog posts, or F(filmed), E(edited), T(Thumbnail), D(Desciption Box), S(Scheduled) for youtube. This helps me see how regular I’m being with my uploads, and also keep track of what still needs doing to each thing before it can go out into the world.

Monthly Favourites: I know these can be a bit hit or miss online at the moment but I still love watching them and therefore like the process of filming them myself. For this, I split three pages into quarters and literally just list each favourite as and when I remember, which means I have an easy point of reference at the end of the month. 

Stats tracker: Wow, this page is ugly. I just couldn’t quite get it right but it serves a purpose. On here I’ve listed where I finished off 2018 at, and will list each one monthly to see for peaks or troughs in my stats. I did something similar last year and totally forgot to fill it in so going to make a conscious effort this year!

Brands/PRs contacted:  I’ve set myself a task of contacting more brands and PRs this year. I did so at the end of last to mixed results, and if I’m not actively marketing myself then my little hobby isn’t going to go anywhere. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’ve been doing this for a while and want to improve. This is just split into date, who (what brand / which PR company and if it was about a certain brand they represent), whether they replied and what the outcome of this was. Easy enough to do – now lets do some contacting!

Gifted/ Sponsored work: As above, I got a few nice bits gifted to me towards the end of last year and would like to keep a track of this going forward. I’ve split this page into date received, from whom, what was it, was there a review, was said review positive or negative as well as was ther any money exchanged, if so, what was the invoice number and when was it paid. I think these final columns are maybe thinking a bit too big for me as it currently stands but it has happened before so no reason why it can’t again…!

Have you got a bullet journal? Do you have any spreads that you think would help me be a little bit more organised with my content online?

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