I spoke in my 2019 goals post about this year being the year of renovation and I’m so glad to tell you that the first room on the list is so close to being complete. All that needs doing is the painting so I’ll be sharing the completed project very very soon! Last spring we started getting quotes to get our bathroom done. When we first move into the house I loved the bathroom, it looked modern and everything was brand new. Within about three weeks however I was ready to rip it out and that was down to a number of factors.

Firstly, the shower directly hit the windowsill, meaning with days of use it was peeling and rank. We rectified this problem with a plastic rim around the window, which was an improvement but didn’t remove the problem. Secondly, the shower overlooked the window – I’m pretty sure 90% of the village and 100% of the people who get the bus from round the corner to our house have seen one or both of us in the buff through the window. How impractical! Lastly, the bath. I’m all for a shower / bath combo but as we started using the shower we realised that the bath was moving – upon further inspection we found that the tiles finished before the bath started and had been masked with some clever trim, and that the bath wasn’t even secured to the floor. This has caused several years worth of mould related aggro.

As I mentioned we started looking at quotes almost a year ago, and the initial quote we received pretty much put me off replacing the bathroom for good. In a room where you can practically shit and touch all four walls, the thought of coughing up £4000+ for fitting alone made my eyes water somewhat. It took over five quotes before we found someone we were happy with, and someone who could fit us in (albeit in several months time). I had already spent a lotttt of time looking on pinterest for inspiration so thought I’d share these inspo items with you today.

I bloody love a metro tiles and absolutely love the contrasting grout too. As soon as I saw the above photo from Sara Parsons, I knew that was going to be our tile of choice!

I also love a decorative tile – I loved the idea of a ‘party’ floor and had my heart set on some fancy tiles like the above from Walls and Floors. I didn’t get my tile prefernce due to our shit floor, but I’m over the moon with the alternative we chose.

Isn’t Over at Kates bathroom the dreamiest? I love the contrast of the dark cabinet against the white tiles and the odd bit of greenery too. I’ve never thought about dark in a bathroom before but it just works doesn’t it?

Have you ever undertaken a big renovation project within your house? Have you got any reccomendations for anyone who is about to start?

I really can’t wait to show the finish project with you! (We’ve got a tidy bit of glossing to do and a door to paint then we’re good to go. I’m so pleased with it so far!)

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