So, if you’ve visited my blog or youtube channel recently, you’ll know that I’ve been decluttering. Filming my beauty stash and decluttering it on camera actually left me feeling a bit embarrassed. For years I’ve wanted more and more and more, and when I looked back at completely how much had accumulated which I simply wasn’t using I knew it was time to make a change. I decided that Jan 2019 would be my first proper dabble at a no buy and do you know what? I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would.

I set myself a target of new beauty products or clothes to be purchased at all in the month of Jan. I smashed the beauty aspect with nothing at all being purchased, but did make a small slip up when I fell into a bidding war on ebay for a BNWT shirt that I reaaaally wanted. Other than that, I avoided the normal areas where I can spend hours scrolling (New Look, ASOS… you know the drill) and it seemed to work.

Lesson one: Really evaluating what you have prior to a no buy is so important as it helps you realise what you actually have, and therefore what you don’t need. For example, usually I’d be out in Boots or somewhere, see a black eyeliner and think ooh, I’ll have that. Now, I look at said liner and think, I’ve got three of those at home, I don’t need them. In my case, I went full Marie Kondo and piled it all out and wow – I’ve got a lot of ‘stuff’.

Lesson two: I was wasting so much time (and of course money) by mindlessly scrolling, seeing something, clicking once or twice and miraculously said item landed at my door stop. Turning off promo emails for so many places (BeautyBay being one of the main offenders) has stopped me buying for the sake of buying, as that shop simply isn’t being brought to my attention in the same way it would have been previously. I’ve used the time I usually spend scrolling to clean, read and enjoy films.

Lesson three: Throughout the month I’ve been keeping a list of things that I want – this month it was some furry birkenstocks (don’t ask, someone was talking about them on IG and I was instantly invested in getting a pair) a chunky cardigan and some vests. The furry birks were ordered as soon as the 1st Feb rolled round, and have since been returned because you know what? I didn’t actually want them. I love the idea of them, but when I really sat down and thought about it, it wasn’t something I thought I’d utilise. The vests have been purchased too, and means I can wear some of the lighter pieces in my wardrobe whilst its cold as they can be used as an additional layer. The chunky cardigan is still pending as I’m struggling to find something that doesn’t make me look like an overweight granddad. This list has made me separate what I actually want or need, against what I thought I wanted or needed. The delay from seeing, lusting and then purchasing a month down the line has really opened my eyes to how much of a spontaneous shopper I am.

I’ve actually decided I’m going to continue with a beauty no buy except for the one item which I needed to replace (Primer in case you were interested) and will be continuing this until the end of March. The clothing no buy is pretty much off, but I’m going to be reducing the number of mindless Primark trips I make, and try to utilise my current wears more effectively. There will still be the odd haul over on my channel, but I’m trying to think of more ways to style what I already have!

Have you ever done a no buy? How did you find it?

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  1. This is so interesting Lora, especially because I’ve been on a similar journey myself. If you’re on iOS you should check out Cladwell, it’s a really useful app for taking stock of your wardrobe, wearing what you have and shopping more mindfully.


    1. I saw you mention this on IG and I’m definitely going to try and give it a whirl when I’ve next got a free weekend to get everything on there. I love the idea of it! Thanks Nina 😘 xx


  2. Well done you! I’m doing a makeup low buy this year and a no buy for lipstick, it’s been surprisingly easy not to be tempted by a lip product for the first three months of 2019 🙂 x


  3. No buys and low buys on and off for me all year. I actually find that doing bigger hauls and try to refrain from picking up one thing at a time better. It’s easy to justify one thing at a time (or at least for me it is) but when I’ve got a bunch of things in my basket and I’m totting it all up as a bigger sum of money it actually makes me take things out and end up with the things I want.
    I do think there’s a case of also being able to buy something because you want to buy something whilst still retaining a sensible head – that’s been my biggest change so far this year. Our colourpop order has included 3 eyeshadow palettes for me, but I really loved the similar ones I picked up last year for size and for monochromatic looks, and I’d been debating the similar sized Huda ones for a year for the same reason – so it felt like, yes this is a justifiable purchase and ones that I will think I will get use out of. Clothing I’m finding hard to slow down on, I feel like my style choices have completely changed in the past year and I’m not enjoying the older pieces in my wardrobe so much, but I’m trying to not go too crazy!


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