I’ve spoken about my reading challenge for the year on here before – 75 books before the end of 2019. I’d thought I’d give you a little run through of where we are at now I’ve finished 10 and a little review of each of them too. I’m quite open to lots of books but struggle predominately within anything sci fi or history heavy – my preference probably sits with a thriller / ‘who-dun-it’ kind of book!

The Other Side Of The Story Marian Keyes
This was the first book of the year and can’t say I’d rush out to buy it again if I’m being honest. This is the kind of book I’d call an easy reader – it tells the tale of Jojo who is a literary agent and how she becomes involved with two women, and how all three of their lives intertwine.

Three Things about ElsieJoanna Cannon
I purchased this one as per my mums recommendation – its all about 84 year old Florence who believes someone from her past has come back and she spends a lot of time wondering if her biggest secret is going to come out. Its hardwarming and a bit sad, but I also found it quite slow. Mum on the otherhand loved it. Give the blurb a read and see what you think.

An Edited Life Anna Newton
I’m a big Anna Edit fan so when she released the news she was going to be writing a book (I was on a sunlounger in Cyprus at the time) I hopped straight over to my amazon account and preordered it. It arrived on a thursday night and I’d finished it by the time Sunday morning had rolled round, accompanying my favourite bits with sticky notes and a plan of action. Anna’s book is organisational book which doesn’t make you feel like an awful human for not having your shit together. She offers practical advise on how to edit your home and work life to make it work better for you. I was also lucky enough to meet Anna for a book signing in Jan which was a treat. She’s a babe. (If you’re more of a visual person, be sure to check out her youtube channel too)

BecomingMichelle Obama
This is the only audiobook in the list but we are big Obama fans in our house. (We have a Barack Obama decoration we proudly hang on our christmas tree each year) so I hopped at the chance to listen to Michelles book, especially knowing she would be reading it aloud. I couldn’t believe how down to earth, and candid she was throughout. She didn’t mince words when discussing how she felt when Barack decieded he wanted to run for senate and then president, and she also talks openly and honestly about their fertility issues as well as their marital issues. Beautifully written and I’d recommend to anyone!

The Other WomanSandie Jones
This one was pretty good to be honest and I devoured it in not that long at all. The other woman is all about a mothers love for her son – and just how far she’ll be pushed to protect him. It’s a bit of a twisty turny one, but definitely worth a read. This would be a great beach read!

White LiesLucy Dawson
I found this one a little bit slow to begin with, but enjoyed the ending considerably more than the begining. White lies is about one persons mistake, and how she runs the risk of losing it all after a one night stand. Again quite a twisty turny but an good one!

The Lies We ToldCamilla Way
I gave this one a 3/5 but feel like it should be more like a 2.5/5. It was an okay one. I really liked the overall storyline, but felt the characters could have been a bit more developed, and the ending felt a little rushed. This book revolves around Beth, and her daughter Hannah who is a young girl with some big problems.

Girl Number One Jane Holland
I can’t knock this one too much as it was a kindle unlimited freebie. This is about Eleanor who finds a dead body when she is out running, then when the police go to find said body, its gone. Again, I liked the overall story line but the ending felt a little flat.

The Family Next DoorSally Hepworth
I really wasn’t sure about this one when I started it. It’s about a close in Australia, and each chapter hops between the different houses and talks of their stories. The main character is Ellie, and how her life changes when a new neighbour arrives in the village. By the time I was about 30% of the way through the book I couldn’t put it down.

Let me LieClare Makintosh
I gave this one quite a harsh score – it was pegged as a sunday times bestseller so I had high hopes which definitely weren’t met! The storyline follows Anna whose mother killed herself several years previously but she thinks it was murder not suicide. I found it to be quite drawn out and didn’t get the twist I was hoping for at the end!

So there you have it, 10 book down and discussed. It has taken me so long to actually get this post written up that I’ve just finished my 19th book of the year and it’s almost time to start all over again. I’ve got a couple of chunky paperbacks I want to tackle but as an avid kindle fan, I struggle with a paperback nowadays, more so because of the convenience a kindle brings!

Have you set yourself a reading challenge? Have you got any book recommendations you can share with me?!

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  1. I purchased The Other Side of the Story off a stand for $1.00 but it’s still in my TBR pile. I haven’t read any books by Marian Keyes but I know she is a popular author. I think I’d like to read Becoming at some stage but it’s not at the top of my list at the moment. I quite enjoyed Let Me Lie, it is the book by Clare Mackintosh I enjoyed most, I didn’t really like I See You of hers thought. Looking forward to your next installment!


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