The minute the sun comes out I go into instant dread – it is finally time to brave the leg shave higher than mid shin (anyone else a total hairy mcclairy above the point their ankle grazing jeans finish?) but the girls at Friction Free Shaving hit me up with one of their gift boxes and man am I ready for the sunshine.

I was introduced to the idea of ‘mail order razors’ five years ago when me and Chris were doing one of our American roadtrips and every advert for podcasts were talking about mens razors which came monthly in the post. I genuinely didn’t think it was a ‘thing’ back here in the UK so put it to the back of my mind, continuing to buy overpriced razor heads from the supermarket. That was until about 18 months later when I saw FFS all over Instagram and hopped on the bandwagon my self. When I received an email from the girls over at FFS I did a little dance – being able to promote something I already spend my own money on really is the dream.

I was kindly sent one of their gift boxes which retail for £33 which contains not only their razor (they engraved it with MY NAME!) but also four razor heads, their scrub, shave cream and post shave balm as well as all the bits and bobs to make travelling with a razor so much easier.

Typically I have their monthly subscription which I alter between monthly deliveries (summer time) and then alternative months for the winter. This costs me £9 a month for four razor heads and can be paused at any time (winner). I had no idea that you were meant to change your razor head weekly (grim I know!) but having razor heads on hand, being delivered to my inbox is a genuis idea if you ask me. If you want to miss a month or have a little backlog of razors you can also swap out your razor delivery for one of their balms, scrubs etc.

They offer three ‘top-up products’ alongside their razor blades – all of which are formulated with Mankuka Honey as its super moisturing, anti inflamatory and also repairing for the skin. The Pre Shave balm (also containing Almond milk for its high source of Vitamin E) helps buff away the dead skin cells whilst the Mid Shave Cream containts Coconut milk to help the razor glide against the skin – no more five o’clock leg shadows! You can also use their Post Shave Balm which is packed full of cocoa butter for its hydration properties. You can swap your blades out for one of these, or add them for an additional £6 each (Barg!)

The best thing about FFS? All their products are cruelty free and will always remain that way.

I’ve currently got my normal order on hold since the FFS ladies stocked me up with a months worth of heads in this box but can promise you’ll I’ll continue to use this brand. No more running out of razor blades and sending Chris to the supermarket for some (usually incorrect) and overpriced blades. I’m alllll about that mail order life.

If you sign up for a monthly subscription, you have the flexibility to choose your own razor handle (silver or rose gold?), the frequency of your blade deliveries, and also if you wanted any of the add ons (of the three, my favourite is the shaving cream). Whilst I love this service for myself, I think this gift box would make a great gift for someone who you think would like to try a new razor and defuzz for the summer! Also who isn’t going to be thrilled with something personalised?

Have you ever tried Friction Free Shaving? As I mentioned I’ve got a fab discount code for you – If you enter the code LORA25 you’ll get yourself a saving of 25% off your first order (excluding the gift set but at £33 it’s a total steal anyway!) If that doesn’t sound like a dealio then I’m not sure what does. The gift box is available here or the monthly subscription here.

Thanks again to the lovely girls over at FFS for sending over the gift box- I’m all prepped for summertime right about now. My newly engraved razor (my old one wasn’t engraved because I’m a tight ass) is stowed away in my suitcase for our holiday next week!

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*Review contains a gifted item, but this does not change my review.

I have been using FFS for three years prior to this collaboration.


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