Man alive its been approximately 83 years since I last sat down and put pen to paper (as it were..), I’ve been putting so much into an every increasing work load, working out (never thought I’d be doing that) and also my youtube channel that sadly the blog has fallen into the back burner – again! How the devil are you all?

I’m working through the glow and grow hub currently, and want to really knuckle down on what I share on here now – I want it to be less of a jumble of topics, more a collated version of posts that are important to me, and will hopefully be helpful to you too.

A question I get asked a lot in both real life and online is ‘how are you so productive’ so I’m definitely going to put together a few bits on how I make the most of out my budget – be that both in monietry and time. I hope this is something that might be of interest to you?

I’d really appreciate some general feedback too – how did you find this blog? if you are a returning visitor, why do you keep going back? did you know I have a youtube / are you into youtube?

Also any feedback on what you would like to see would be *so* appreciated.

Looking forward to being a bit more present on here –

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Lifestyle Blogger and Youtuber from the East Midlands - taking every day as it comes..

One thought on “A WRITTEN RETURN…

  1. I didn’t realise it had been quite so long since you wrote a blog post! I follow your YouTube channel and keep up with your social platforms so I guess I still see your presence 🙂 I enjoy your YouTube channel because you are relatable and honest and if you don’t like something you will say. As far as getting back into written posts go I’d say really think about a topic or two you enjoy writing about the most and don’t stick to a rigid schedule unless you really want to. I’ve cut back on blog posts this year myself as I don’t have as much time as I used to and even though there is probably less engagement I’m still enjoying writing and posting when I get the chance x


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